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Logo: On a space background, we zoom past planets like Saturn and Mars until we stop at Earth. As Earth rotates, 7 glowing red lines draw themselves in from the other sides of it and join around South Africa. Earth stops spinning and the red lines move completely into the red light created from the joining. Then, we suddenly fade to a yellow light trail in the shape of an uppercase "T" on a black background moving upwards to the center of the screen and facing us. The light trail quickly turns into a solid yellow-orange gradient "T", then yellow letters saying "TEEVISION", with their shadows extending down slightly, zoom up from behind the T and rest above it. A yellow border fades in around the whole thing and sparkles until the logo fades to black.

Technique: Early computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A catchy stereotypical 80s synth-pop tune, with twinkling sounds throughout, that culminates into a 4-note theme at the end.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on 1980s pornography videos from the company.

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