Te Mangai Paho

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Te Māngai Pāho (Māori Broadcast Funding Agency) is a New Zealand Crown Entity responsible for promotion of Māori language and culture by providing funding for Māori language programming on radio, television and music. It has been in existence since 1989 under the legal name 'Te Reo Whakapuaki Irirangi' and is administered by the Ministry of Justice, but uses the name Te Māngai Pāho or TMP in all of its public activities.

1st Logo (1991-2003)

Logo: On a turquoise/blue sky background with orange grass is a closeup of a little girl with blonde hair and a black Maori suit as no footwear. It then fades in to where the camera zooms out a little to reveal a golden C with a dot inside it and three swirly lines that rise from the top next to her. The words Te Māngai Pāho in a turquoise patterned font with lines on top of the First a in Māngai and the a in Pāho fade in along with the Māori Broadcasting Funding Agency information on the bottom. Her black suit somehow shakes during the C's animation.

Technique: Live-action mixed with CGI.

Music/Sounds: Maori themed flute music, complete the girl announcing "Nā Te Māngai Pāho te pūtea tautoko" ("The funding is provided by Te Māngai Pāho") followed by a female chorus singing "Toi tu Te Reo" ("The art of the language") in Maori.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Mataku and Dead Certs, as well as many old bulletins of Waka Huia and Te Karere and many other things made by TMP during that era.

2nd Logo (2003-2022)

Logo: Zooming from the state of New Zealand through the earth, zooming to reveal a big galaxy, revealing an elderly woman, then a man, and finally, a child. Then the universe, the company name, and the English name appear.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Maori music as well as the company name which is being spoken from the first logo.

Availability: Common. Seen on many current bulletins of Waka Huia and Te Karere.

3rd Logo (2022-)

Logo: On a black background, a blue light generates a bunch of blue/lavender growing lines. The camera pans up and then, it zooms out quickly to reveal a redesigned version of the symbol from the previous logo, now in cyan and with "Te Mangai Paho" below.

Technique: CGI by Creature Post in New Zealand.

Music/Sounds: A calm cue note with a male voice saying "O Tei Rou, Te Take".

Availability: Current.

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