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This is Robert L. Levy's film company.

1st Logo (January 10-August 25, 1995)

Logo: On a black background, the yellow word "TAPESTRY" is seen between two red horizontal lines, while "FILMS" is below stretched to logo's width. Above it is a big letter "T", made of 5 lines with various thickness.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on The Granny and Payback.

2nd Logo (August 11, 1995-January 26, 2001)

Logo: On a black background, we see an orange shadow that reads "TAPESTRY". It slowly fills in with a solid yellow color, while two red lines accompany it above and below. Below the logo, "FILMS", stretched out to fit the width of it, flips in letter-by-letter.

Variant: A still black-and-white version appeared at the end of She's All That and The Wedding Planner. On the latter film, the logo is blue. Note that these films were released after the next logo was introduced.

Technique: The words appearing.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral fanfare. The closing theme of the movie for the closing version.

Availability: Uncommon, appeared on several films, such as at the beginning of A Kid in Aladdin's Palace and the ending of Last Time I Committed Suicide.

3rd Logo (November 16, 1999-November 25, 2009)

Logo: We start with an ancient room with some artifacts and we move to a textured quilt with a line between "TAPESTRY" and "F I L M S". As we fade out, a bright light forms a red line on top of "TAPESTRY" and on the bottom of "F I L M S", forming the logo on a black background. The logo looks like this:





  • The short version of this logo was seen at the end of Our Lips Are Sealed.
  • At the end of Old Dogs, the logo is still.

Technique: The light forming the red line on the textured quilt, the textures appearing between the red line.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo. The closing theme of the movie for short or still version.

Availability: Can be found on some releases starting with Diplomatic Siege. Also appears on some other movies like Employee of the Month, Our Lips Are Sealed, and Passport to Paris.

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