Tabu Video

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Pop Pulsations


Logo: We see a shot of a nude woman lying on her back, and the camera slowly pans back. A multicolored outlined circle appears and slowly "irises in" (increases in size). We then see a blue cloud shape with "tabu" cut out of it in a '70s font and "video" written below in a font similar to Bauhaus 93, which slowly begins to zoom in. Several multicolored horizontal lines appear, then several multicolored diamonds iris in, then iris out.

Technique: The computer effects used for the circle, lines, diamonds, as well as the logo zooming in by means of '80s chyron effects.

Music/Sounds: A '70s funk tune sounding as if it came straight off a porn soundtrack.

Availability: Uncommon. Found on old VHS tapes of adult films released in Germany.

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