TV Vale do Uruará

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Logo: On a skyline of Uruará, the TV Vale do Uruará logo (a white rectangle with a difficult-to-describe "V" and stripes that look like the Bulgarian flag) appears with a spinning effect, along with "TV VALE DO URUARÁ" with no effect and "Canal 11" with a different effect. The next scene, which is "TV VALE DO URUARÁ", appears with a paper airplane effect. The next scene, which is "Canal 11", appears with a balloon effect. The next scene, which is "5 anos Outrogada", appears with a paper effect. The next scene, which is the Band logo with a white background, appears with another effect. The TV Vale do Uruará logo then appears with the same effect. We then see a camera effect with the logo still intact. We finally see the final result.

FX/SFX: Possibly done on a video editor.

Music/Sounds: A dance-like fanfare, which might be a piece of stock music from the editor they used.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: Thanks to the cheap transion and the cheap stock music, this logo is highly regarded as the worst ident coming from Brazil of all time in the logo community.

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