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TV PMR, also known as PMR TV, First Transnistrian Channel and the First Republic Channel, is the state television broadcaster of the Republic of Transnistria (aka Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic), an unrecognized republic forming part of eastern Moldova. The channel aims to be a substitute of Moldovan news and information sources in accordance to Transnistria's press regulations.

1st Logo (1996-2003)

ТВ ПМР (1996).png

Logo: A sunset sky background fades in. After a few seconds, the logo of the station, consisting of a segmented diamond shape with "ТВ ПМР" at the center, spins out while a blue rectangle rotates in behind it. The logo keeps zooming out until it fits the rectangle.

Technique: Simple 3DCG animation.

Music/Sounds: A brief keyboard theme with drums.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

2nd Logo (Late 1990s)

ТВ ПМР (Late 1990s).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: Advanced CGI.

Music/Sounds: A majestic brass fanfare with strings.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

3rd Logo (2001-2006)

ТВ ПМР (2001).png

Logo: A green/blue burst of light appears from a black background, then shrinks and reveals a diagonal shape. Two curved 3D lines then draw in, while a glassy blue sphere forms in-between and the green shape is revealed to be the text "ТВ ПМР". An orange/green gradient wipes behind the logo, and the Cyrillic text "ТЕЛЕВИАЕННЕ ПРНАНЕСТОВЬЯ" types in above it, along with "ВЗГЛЯД В XXI ВЕК" below.

Technique: Standard CGI for its time.

Music/Sounds: A repeated string section. Playing alongside is the chime from the PlayStation logo and digital noises when the text types in.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

4th Logo (2006-2012)

ТВ ПМР (2006).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: Mostly 2DCG with some stock footage.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized beat with strings, drums and chimes.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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