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1st logo (1992-1997?)

Logo: The logo starts with a black background and a blue ring fading in. Then, three RGB stripes draw themselves and "TV LAFAIETE" appears from right to left. The stripes then flash.

FX/SFX: The stripes, the text.

Music/Sounds: An ascending string intro, leading to an unknown country song which is looped twice.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: It is often considered one of the worst station IDs due to it's outdated, early 8-bit computer graphics and the use of a copyrighted country song.

2nd logo (1994?-199?)

Logo: Over a purple/blue gradient background, the newer TV Lafaiete logo (a circle with two shades of blue and a squiggly white line drawn in-between, with the company name sandwiched in) is shown zooming out and rotating into the camera at a very low framerate.


Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: The animation suffers from a very low frame rate, but at least it is better-looking than the previous logo.

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