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Велаши Приходковский


TV Khabarovsk is the name of a local state broadcaster of Khabarovsk, Russia, part of the Far Eastern region. It is most likely this station is managed by GTRK Dalnevostochnaya.

1st Logo (1993-1996)

ТВ Хабаровск (1993).png

Logo: Multiple shots of the Khabarovsk city are shown in the background while the 3D letters of "ХАБАРОВСК" pan in from the right, revealing the broadcasting centers of the station. The background then fades into a shot of an antenna and a building and the spinning "ТВ" in two layers is shown spinning to the center of the screen, the golden borders vertically and the steel base horizontally. Below is the same "ХАБАРОВСК", but straightened and in golden. The logo glows in yellow once settling in.

Technique: 3DCG animation.

Music/Sounds: A generic majestic synth theme.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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