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TV Imperial is a Rede Record affiliate broadcasting for Boa Vista of the Roraima state.

1st (known) Logo (2003-2006)

Logo: On a orange gradient background, which it's brightest part is in the middle and gets darker at the edges, darker orange and white streaks appear in the background swaying around. Silver "IMPERIAL" words then start flying towards the camera in all sorts of directions, as a mostly transparent screen with strange formations on it's ends fades in, showing sped-up footage of Roraima and several people running around. The screen then fades out as a silver board on 2 tubes slides down from the top and a rotating wireframe cube with rounded edges fades out.. A strange-looking cartoony 3D human head, with half of it just being wireframes, fades in as a distorted image, but then unravels itself, with it speaking the station name rather poorly. It and the frame disappear, and 3 copies briefly appear to speak the name again, all in different placements. The screen then fills with a yellow light that's revealing to be a rotating Rede Record logo (strangely in it's 1995-2001 look, rather than the Earth version of it) dotting a blue streak, forming an "i". As it zooms out, "Canal 6" fades in a silver Helvectiva font, and the Record logo eventually stops rotating.

FX/SFX: Rather poor CGI.

Music/Sounds: The instrumental of Nirvana's song "Breed", with the sounds accompanying the animation and a male announcer saying "TV Imperial, Canal 6" when the robotic head talks.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: The logo is rather infamous for it's strange concept and animation, as well as having a copyrighted song in it. The logo itself is unique for being one of the few stations to actually use Rede Record's logo in their's.

2nd Logo (2007? -2012)

Logo: On a dodgerblue background, we see a close up of a globe, then, there are two red and green arrows fly around the globe and goes underneath it. Yet at the same time, the screen zooms out. After that, the word "dodgerblue" flips in under the globe and its reflection appears. And finally, the word "CANAL 6" in a white Hevetica font also flips in under the "dodgerblue" word.

FX/SFX: Rather bad CGI for 2008.

Music/Sounds: A low-budget rendition of the Rede Record theme from the time.

Availability: Possibly extinct.

Legacy: While this logo maybe a bit better about the animation, this logo has a bad rendition of the Rede Record theme at the time, and it still has animation that is not-so-good. Also, the word "CANAL 6" is badly placed.

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