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This page describes special (non-regular) TV Globo idents, for the regular idents, click here

Anniversary Idents

1st Logo (10th Anniversary) (1975)

Logo: TBA

Variant: An in-credit text version exists.

Technique: Cel animation for the original version, none for the variant.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic jazzy fanfare, which is part of "Neuf heures du matin: Ouverture", by Michel Fulgain, with a voice saying "Rede Globo, more than a model, above from the standard, advanced dynamic of communication". The variant uses the closing theme of a show.

Availability: The animated variant is extinct. The variant is known to appear on shows from the time.

2nd Logo (15th Anniversary) (1980)


  • Version 1: We see two doors with the number 15 on them and the Globe in the middle of them. They open, revealing a multitude of musical instruments floating around in some sort of void with a red-orange diagonal grid "floor". Two streaks of pale blue light pass through the doors as they open. More light streaks pass by, and the instruments stop moving. The background opens like the doors in the beginning, and we see a light blue "15" on a black-red-orange gradient background. An orange streak of light falls on the curve in the 5, revealing the Rede Globo logo.
  • Version 2: We see red and green neon lights forming a floor. The camera pans forth and above them gradually. Yellow-orange light streaks zoom into the background, creating a big flash. A Scanimated "15" (with a trail behind it) zooms in, as does the camera, and the trail eventually stops continuing once the camera approaches it. There is a whitish flash as a result of this. The "15" is now solid, with the Rede Globo logo inside of it.

Technique: Depends of the variant, but either modeling or early CGI, combined with Scanimation.

Music/Sounds: A simple disco beat that gets slightly dramatic at the end.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

3rd Logo (20th Anniversary) (1984-1986)

Logo: We see a silver background, which gets segmented by an unfamiliar object. The object leaves behind a rainbow-gradient outline. The camera zooms out, and we see what appears to be a "0" from first view. This is part of a structure that rotates to one side and shows the Rede Globo logo, and keeps rotating. Objects keep flying out of the structure, which is a stylized, bold "20". The object eventually stops spinning and stays on the side with the Rede Globo logo on it.

Variants: We see segments of the bold "20" seen in the normal ident. They are in various parts of the screen. The pieces then converge into a rainbow "2O" structure (with a blue/red/yellow gradient) with the Globo logo placed at the end (being a part of the structure). An early version just consisted in the same structure, but completely silver, spinning continuously. Some later versions had the logo completely still, while some people appear interacting.

Technique: The animation, which is early CGI. It's hard to look at and comprehend, but it's still good for the time. The normal variant's likely animated by Pacific Data Images, but the second version was animated by Cranston/Csuri Productions.

Music/Sounds: An oversaturated catchy synth-pop tune that starts dramatically.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • A generic theme with an announcer was mostly used, but one ident had a more upbeat tune to it (along with a male chorus in the beginning).
  • The early variant consisted of a calm tune with an announcer on the background.

Availability: Extinct.

4th Logo (25th Anniversary) (1989-December 31, 1990)

Logo: On a space background above the earth, we zoom into the inside of a glass tube, giving off a multi-colored sheen on the inside. Large puzzle-like chunks eject themselves from the edges of it, as the camera rotates around it and a silver ball emerges from the background. As the chunks fly away along with the Earth, all that's left is an unique-looking "25", losing all of its colors in the process and the ball rotates around to reveal the Rede Globo logo. The tube makes one rotating before freezing.

Variant: An earlier version exists where the logo is mirrored, just like the print logo.

Technique: Good computer graphic animation here, especially for 1989. Animated by Globograph and Roberto Shimose.

Music/Sounds: An upwards flourish followed by a dramatic theme that ends with a chorus singing the name and notes in the same tone as the chorus. May include an announcer.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Early in its usage, the theme sounded more synthesized.
  • Later in its lifetime, it became stronger on the treble and had a bit more delay. The theme at the end sounded a tad more dramatic, and the chorus at the end sounded different.

Availability: Extinct.

5th Logo (30th Anniversary) (1994-December 1995)


  • Version 1 (January-June): On a rotating rainbow gradient background, a silver 1966 Rede Globo logo zooms out, which expands out to form the 1970 logo. This is followed by the 10th anniversary logo in teal zooming out and rotating away while its borders are drawn. Then, the 15th anniversary logo zooms out while light trails are still forming it, and we zoom out through the hollowed out 20th anniversary logo. As it zooms away, a chunk of it flies through it, forming the inside dot on the center of the 25th anniversary logo, before the Rede Globo of that time flies in. As it zooms out, a silver sphere appears on the right side, and the 30th anniversary logo is revealed, rotating into place on a black/bluish-gray background. It consists of the Rede Globo logo at the time, but rotated 90 degrees to the right and containing a giant chunk carved out to resemble a "3", thus making a "30".
  • Version 2 (July-December): On a gray gradient background, a silver sphere is seen while many different panels containing the title cards of Rede Globo's programming at the time encircle it. As the camera moves to the other side and to the bottom of the sphere, the panels fly away and the logo fades in as the camera positions itself into its usual place.


  • An earlier version, used in December 1994, had the logo play like its 1986 debut, but instead had the logo rotate and zoom out to reveal the full thing.
  • An unused version of Version 2 had the panels instead spinning and expanding outwards rapidly, turning into sparkles that formed the inside of the logo before the rest faded in and turned into place. The background is also pitch black before the blue-gray gradient fades in when the logo does, and there is also a notable diamond texture on the rainbow gradient much like its print variant.
  • A test logo exists, where the logo zooms out to reveal it is encircled by an abstract, layered "30", presented in a blue transparent material with multicolored glowing edges. 2 versions of this exist: one where the pieces show the same result on both sides and had them emerging from the central sphere, and another with altering designs on each end and had them just encircling the logo.
  • Another test logo exists, with the logo rotating towards the screen and engulfing it with its multicolored inside, as well as having the central sphere split open to reveal an abstract 3 and the Rede Globo logo forming the 0. The background also darkens after it forms. 2 variants also exist of this: one where the logo is flat on top and is resting at an angle, and one where they expand outwards to their full shape and where they face the screen.

Technique: The CGI animation. It's hard to both look at and comprehend, but it's still good for the time. Likely done by Pacific Data Images. But, the second version was animated by Cranston/Csuri Productions.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant:

  • Version 1: A upbeat synthesized fanfare with a few synth whooshes and an announcer, that finishes off with the familiar 4-note melody. Later on, it was replaced by a different fanfare with piano and synth horns.
  • Version 2: An overly joyful, rather synthesized fanfare, ending with sparkles and the 4-note Globo melody. An announcer is usually used, but is sometimes omitted.

Music/Sounds Variant: The early version had an heavy timpani drum and synth turn with a 1-note flourish. This was also used in the test logos as well.

Availability: Extinct.

6th Logo (40th Anniversary) (2005)

Logo: Against a video of a Brazilian landmark, glass streaks appear from somewhere, expand and then move out. The glass Rede Globo logo then appears and zooms back, just like in the Globo Glass logo, but when we fade, we see a 4, with segments from the 4 and a brighter version of the logo on a cyan/white gradient.

Variants: there were around 3 variants of this one.

  • A promo variant exists where a flash occurs on a space background, the segments from the 4 appears and the same brighter globe appearing, then it fades into the finished product of the previous version, and "Aniversário", "Esporte", or "Jornalismo" (Meaning Anniversary, Sports, and Journalism) fade in.
  • A Extinct (Possibly Unused) promo variant exists, it has the 2000 logo.
  • A test variant exists. On this, after the show it's showing, the end cuts to stripes, one being the end and the other being black. Then, the stripes changes the texture glossy textures and moving and swirling. When it hits the metal curved bars, we reveal another segment, and there are rings, and later the other stripes fade away. And the rings reveal the anniversary logo.

Technique: The glass streaks and logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 17th logo.

Availability: Rare.

7th Logo (45th Anniversary) (2010)

Logo: We see the 2008-2014 Logo on a blue/black gradient background, then, the Globo logo zooms out, and "45 ANOS" (in Avand Garde Gothic) appears, it shines.

Technique: The zooming and shining.

Music/Sounds: the 4-note sounder, followed by the plim-plim sound.

Availability: Rare.

8th Logo (50th Anniversary) (2015)

Logo: On a gray/white gradient background, a swirl of paint swirls in, then, the globe transforms into the 2014-present Globo logo, then "50" and "A N O S" appears.


  • On promos, there is a version where "2015" sketches in, then turns solid and the Globo logo fades in, then "201" slides out from the "5", forming the logo.
  • There were also 2 variants of this logo, one with paper-like things, and one has a swirl-like shape forming the 2014 logo.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A synthesizer tune, followed by the low-pitched plim-plim sound.

Music/Sounds Variant: In the promo, a different synthesizer tune is played, the plim-plim sound is normal, and a voiceover says "2015, O Ano dos 50 anos da Globo".

Availability: Extinct.

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