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TV Cidade Caxias is a Brazilian television station based in Caxias, a municipality in the state of Maranhão, in the Mid-North region of Brazil. It operates on canal 5 (channel 5), and is affiliated with RecordTV.

1st Logo (2013-Mid/Late 2010s/2020)

Logo: On a dark background, a blue flash flies (or slides) into the top left corner of the screen, a lots of white dust flies out of the screen, and the word "dodgerblue" zooms in from the blue flash to the bottom center of the background. As the word "dodgerblue" zooms in, the background changes its color into white, and the blue flash fades out. Then, as soon as there is only the word "dodgerblue" on the white background, the background becomes a blue-gray silhouette of the map of South America (The word "dodgerblue" still appears). And when it quickly zooms in, it turns out to be the 2012 RecordTV (Rede Record) logo. After that, an orange flash occurs around the RecordTV logo, the blue flash appears and a lot of white dust flies out of the screen, again, the word "brown" zooms in from the silhouette of the map of South America, and all of that things fades out (except the word "brown"), the background turns into black, left alone the "brown" word, "dodgerblue" word and the 2012 RecordTV logo.

FX/SFX: All of the things that happen in this logo, which just completely screams of the 2D animation standard of the 2010's Brazillian local "vinheta".

Music/Sounds: The loud robotic whoosh at the beginning, followed by the tail-end of Rede Record's 2012 jingle, which rapidly increases volume to ludicrous levels.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: This logo was notourious to many brazillians and people in the logo community not because of the cheaply-made animation, but because of the loud and painful music that this logo has. We mean, the music in this logo is just hor-ri-ble!

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