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Logo: On a white background, a giant translucent "3" spins around, revealing a red/black gradient background with several copies of the "3" near the top. The background then quickly inverts to keep the background from the "3", which now has a slight blue tint. The "3" spins again once before moving to the left, as a light draws a line and flashes to reveal a 3D version of the logo at the time, which is at an angle. It consists of a simplified version of the 1992-2003 TVP logo with a blue corner below it. Below it are the word "Regionalna" ("Regional" in Polish) and the number "3" in blue.


  • Most of the time, the logo features either the name of the region instead of "Regionalna" or the channel's custom logo (mostly for WOT and Telewizja Wrocław), along with a picture relating to their region. Sometimes, the full name of their local name is shown below.
  • A winter and spring version exists, with the former having snowflakes and a blue/black background, and the latter having a green/black background.
  • The pause variant features the "3" spinnning on its own. The Warsaw region had the WOT logo instead.

Technique: The "3" spinning, the logo getting revealed.

Music/Sounds: A smooth-sounding tune, played with woodwinds and a xylophone.

Availability: Extinct.

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