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This is one of the regional branches of TVP located in Szczecin, a major seaport and Poland's 7th largest city. The station was launched on 7 May 1960.

Telewizja Szczecin

1st Logo (May 7, 1960-1992)

Logo: Against a screenshot of one of Szczecin's seaports, the station name:


is displayed right next to the boat within the screenshot.

Variant: Before 1983, "SZCZECIN" is thinner and matches the font of "TELEWIZJA".

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A nautical eight-note horn jingle, ending with the sound of a boat whistling.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

2nd Logo (1992)

Logo: Against a stylized blue wave background, we see a round, stylized "tv" with "SZCZECIN" sitting underneath.

Technique: Likely none.

Music/Sounds: Unknown, but likely the previous logo.

Availability: Extinct; was only used as a board ident for channel 7 during the year.

3rd Logo (1992-1993)

Logo: Part, if not the complete logo contains a stylized, white curvy "tv" on a blue background a red wavy line wipes in above the horizontal line of the "tv", along with a grey wavy line wiping in against the stem of the "t". "Szczecin" appears behind the "tv" and sits on the bottom right corner.

Variant: A black-and-white variant exists.

Technique: Early CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the first logo.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

4th Logo (1993-1995)

Logo: On a sky-blue background with a screenshot of old buildings, a closeup of "tv szczecin" appears and slowly slides in from left to right, shifting its colors from green to yellow. As it is almost fully gone, it then flies to the center of the screen and shifts its color to white, where we also see 3 lines respectively in red, green and blue appearing from the left side and curving underneath the station name, representing ocean waves.

Technique: Early CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logos, but played thrice and without the boat whistle.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

TVP Szczecin

1st Logo (1995-1999)

Logo: Three colored bars containing screenshots of Szczecin (all of which are in blue, green, and red) appear from the left, middle, and right parts of the screen respectively, all against cyan blob-like smoke. While the camera starts panning downwards, the blue bar moves to sit underneath the green bar, which is noticeably longer, and the red bar on top of said green bar, with the background slowly transforming into a partly cloudy sky. As the camera continues to pan downwards, the green bar is revealed to be an italicized "T", as an italicized red "'V'" appears from the bottom and sits right next to the "T", along with an italicized "P" doing the same. While the entire logo starts to position itself to the center, a stylized seagull then appears from the left and sits against the three bars, and a bright spark appears right next to the red bar and reveals the stretched word "SZCZECIN" sitting above "TVP". When it finally positions itself in the middle, the logo stops completely.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 4th TV Szczecin ident, but this time ending with the aforementioned boat whistle.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Sometimes, the boat whistle is omitted.
  • Starting around the Late 1990s, the soundtrack has been updated. It mainly consists of a slowly rising dreamy synth track with seagulls cawing, ending with a redone, synthesized version of the nautical theme with a harp glissando.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

2nd Logo (1999-2000)

Logo: CGI footage of the ocean is shown. Two thin white bars are then seen stretching to the right side along with three blue metallic bars stretching towards the left side, along with a seagull fading within the horizon and flying towards us while the action is happening. At that moment, both ends of the middle blue bar compress and rotate 90 degrees, which is followed by the top bar and bottom bar rotating 90 degrees. At the same time, a small bubble fades in the middle and gradually expands in size, while the middle bar abruptly changes into the same "T", as well as the top bar becoming "'V'", and the bottom bar becoming "P", retaining the same three bars from the previous logo. After that, a blue silhouetted cargo ship is seen coming out from the bubble, and the seagull finally reaches the audience and sits within said three bars, while a silhouette of the Bell Tower of the Castle fades in within the bubble. When it stops, a white line within the top gap of "TVP" wipes in from both ends and wipe downwards to form the same "SZCZECIN", and multiple crane silhouettes fade behind the ship. A drop shadow now appears below the TVP Szczecin logo, with the entire logo freezing when it fully appears.

Technique: CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the updated variant of the previous ident.

Availability: Extinct on TV.

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