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1st Logo (1986-1992)

Logo: On a dark blue space background, several stars shine brightly as they slowly zoom in. A large school bus yellow object emerges from the bottom of the screen and flies off, spinning in the process. It moves down to the bottom-right corner, positioning itself to reveal a stylized "2" that's split diagonally into 3 pieces. The stars continue to zoom in and shine.


  • Another variant, usually seen during closedowns, has an off-white, outlined, and much thicker version of the "2" emerging from the bottom, veering off to the left before positioning itself up straight in the middle, rotating counterclockwise to the lower right corner of the screen. The logo remains onscreen for several seconds before fading out. Another version has the logo with a yellow tint stopping higher than the middle.
  • A rare variant has the logo with filled sections appearing in the background before spinning and moving to its usual place. A variant has the logo appear from the middle, and lines forming an outline of the logo before fading out.
  • A rare variant begins with a logo opening up to a television crew made up of outlines on a blue background. 2 of them are in red and green outlines respectively, and another is wielding a film camera that he turns towards the screen. As one of the members walks offscreen, the model of the logo zooms out, and the scene starts to zoom out. The logo then starts rotates and moves to the lower right corner, where the red text "zapraszamy do dwójki" ("we invite you to Two" in Polish) is typed in letter-by-letter.
  • A special variant with the Studio Teatralne logo exists, where the outlined "2" emerges from the logo and spins into place before fading out.
  • A few calling card variants exist of the logo, all on a blue background: the logo model superimposed at an angle with several different 4-pointed stars, one without any stars and the model positioned slightly at an downwards angle, one like the 1st variant but without any stars and the logo is made from a yellow recreation, and a winter version with a white logo and several white and sky blue dots and snowflakes littering the screen.

Technique: The "2"s movements, the background. The "2" is a model, with a computer-generated background.

Music/Sounds: Various laser zaps can be heard throughout the logo. After a bit, a few drumbeats can be heard, followed by a buzzing synth tune. The closedown and pause variants had the an additional tune made of different zaps, white the ST variant has an synth drone.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: Much like the T1P logo at the time, it's pretty unique for its time and place, though the animation appears to be quite rougher than it. It's also a bit creepier due to the lack of music barring the lasers. One can also see the model 2 being held up by poles in some shots.

2nd Logo (1992-1997)

Logo: A green pair of blinds zooms out over a time-lapse footage of a sky. The blinds then open up, revealing different footage and the 1992-2000 TVP2 logo in orange, albeit more glossily detailed, drops down, "wiggling" in place before stopping. The blinds close behind it.


  • An evening variant has the logo appear over a sunset sky, with orange blinds and a gray "2". Spotlights can also be seen on the blinds in the beginning.
  • The pause variant had the logo closer to the screen without any blinds.

Technique: The blinds zooming out, the 2 dropping, the sky footage.

Music/Sounds: A calm synth flute tune with chimes.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: Much like the 1st logo, this logo pales in comparison to the TVP1 logos at the time, with cheaper animation and a pretty ugly-looking logo.

3rd Logo (1997-2000)

TVP2 (1997-2000).png

Logo: TBA

Technique: The abstract forming of the logo.

Music/Sounds: A lush string-led theme.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: This logo is an improvement over the previous two logos.

4th Logo (2000-2005)

Kompilacja opraw TVP2 od 1986 do 2021+ - Update 3! - YouTube

Note: go to 28:35 for those idents

Logo: Just the number 2 in style of different artists

Technique: Varies

Music/Sounds: Depends on ident

Availability: Extinct, but on 60th anniversary of TVP they made a surprise appearance

Legacy: Interesting to see the 2 number in style of different artists

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