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(Mid 2016-)

Logo: Though the background may supposively vary on what show the setting takes place or where it is coming from, but usually for the animated/live action character or television host/character host (on what show they are from) stays in their normal position (ex. standing, sitting, etc.) by themselves or either a person's who is doing an action, if in case by posing (that all wear different clothing which varies itself depending on the character or celebrity talent agent) before saying the line. Even though, the stacked 2016 TVOKids logo appears at the bottom right corner of the screen, along with the Descibed Audio or Video logo which appears it to be a huge D)) symbol, in either usually black or white (for some shows), placed at the top left corner of the screen.

Trivia: The Following Program latter and Descibed Audio ID was never used on the air from the said TV network until Summer of 2016, due to it's newest rebranding.

Variant: Occasionally, the ID appears on a white background for TVOKids-related characters, as well for the latter TV network's known presented hosts; but the D)) symbol is also black in color and the stacked, 2016 TVOKids logo, both remains in the same position. There is also another variant in which the background is a gradient purple; plus the phrase appears in a nice playful font, with D)) symbol at the bottom of the latter both in white, appears in between two white borders, and the 2016 TVOKids logo is seen at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Technique: The person or show's character moving in actions, both live action and animated, successfully also for the dialogue.

Music/Sounds: We hear the show's character/TV host say the following line "The following program is available in described video" in either nicely clearer, very quiet/soft or little louder tones (which depends on the character's/or the real life TV host's voice(s)). The last 7 notes of the 2016 TVOKids jingle plays over the logo right after the dialogue.

Music/Sounds Variant: The phrase and D)) symbol with purple background variant only uses a generic male voice, along with the 2016 TVOKids jingle playing it while the announcer says the said onscreen info.

Availability: Current. This is seen before the beginning of TVO Kids themed shows played for the few seconds over that.

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