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TheatreVision was a brand owned by pay-per-view movie distributor TVN Entertainment Corporation, now known as Vubiquity. Started in the 1990s, the brand is now defunct.

Known logo (1990s-????)

First video: (0:05)-(0:38), second video: (2:30)-(3:02)

Logo: We zoom out from a blue rippling background to see the Earth rotating in space before it stops and the screen moves away to reveal a white beam projecting that screen and a row of several other screens that are all part of a sphere that is made up of of even more screens. As the camera moves around the ring of screens, different images are seen on some of the screens (in order: a hot air balloon festival, a red car, two clowns, a surfer and an owl), and the beam, along with another beam, both of which are coming from the Earth, begin moving about from outer screen to outer screen, turning them on to reveal an image on each of them. We then zoom in towards the top of the Earth to discover that the beams are coming from a satellite, and we then zoom through the top part of the satellite and travel through its beam to TVN's logo, which is in space and is in gold, this leaving a trail of white, outlined rectangles as we do so. The logo then zooms in and flies off to the right as the logo for their TheatreVision brand, which is the big, golden letters "THEATREVISION" below a gridded square with a black illustration of a parabolic satellite communications antenna inside and TVN's logo. A rectangle containing a still of a trailer for the movie that is about to begin then zooms in behind the TheatreVision logo, and the logo moves to the top of the screen when the trailer begins to play.

Trivia: The first half of the logo and the music used for the logo were originally created for World Access Television by Homer & Associates, but, according to a comment by Peter Conn on his YouTube upload of "Flying Logos" (which is where the original version of this logo can be seen), World Access Television would shut down before the animation was finished.

Variant: A variant seen before an airing on Natural Born Killers has the gridded square colored in a blue-to-tan gradient.

Technique: Entirely done with CGI animation done by Homer & Associates.

Music/Sounds: A technological theme that transitions to a grand fanfare by the end. When the TheatreVision logo appears, a male announcer welcomes viewers with "Welcome to TheatreVision!"

Availability: Seen before a movie was about to begin on TVN's pay-per-view channels, though which specific ones are unknown.

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