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TVE1 Canarias was a affiliate of TVE1 serving in the Canary Islands.


TVE1 Canarias (1986).png

Logo: On a black background, an orange spinning triangle appears on the screen. Then a blue trail starts to form. Following this, the spinning triangle duplicates in different colors and those triangles fly to the screen. The blue trail disappears during this sequence, followed by the orange triangle zooming into the screen. However, it has stopped spinning. Then the triangle flips itself to fill in 3 of the holes in it and zooms into the only hole remaining to reveal a blue gradient and a flat object. The flat object rotates into view revealing "Tve ¹ CANARIAS" on it. The "CANARIAS" is inside the "T" and the "¹" is on the bottom right corner.

Variants: A still animated variant appeared at the end of a 1984 Falcon Crest airing.

Technique: Analog computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A fast paced synthesized chimes soundtrack. The still animated variant had a techno & creepy-sounding soundtrack.

Availability: Unknown.

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