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1st Logo (September 11, 1983-1985)

TV3 (Spain) (1984).png

Logo: On a black background, several sky blue lines wipe in in quick succession. Then, 4 orange lines are drawn along the top part of the screen, overlapping the sky blue lines. The lines then contract into a very long "3" that waves wildly like a flag. A large dark blue block with a diagonally slanted side then slides into view. When it contracts, it reveals the segmented text "TV", which become solid after a second. 3 yellow lines, this time going through the black lines, slide into view and cut through "TV", leaving the background's pattern on it, and flowing into the "3", where it then fills its gaps to make it resemble the Catalonian flag, also causing it to stop waving. The lines then retract upwards and the black background fades to a sky blue. Finally, the text "TELEVISIÓ DE CATALUNYA", sandwiched between 2 lines, revolves around the logo and rests just below the text.


  • A version that starts at the part where the yellow stripes start to flow into the "3" exists.
  • A warp speed version exists.
  • An early version exists, where the logo had sharper animation. However, it also has a few changes, where the sky blue background is already in place, and the lines and text slide in separately.

Technique: Early scanimation effects.

Music/Sounds: Starts off with a rising synth, before leading into a bombastic synth fanfare that is repeated multiple times with various beeps and synths throughout it. The fanfare is then repeated in a heavenly choir, before ending with a rising synth.

Availability: Extinct. This was used as both an startup and closedown ident. The early variant was only used on the launch day.

Legacy: This logo is pretty long, clocking in well over a minute. However, the logo's dated animation is pretty hard to see against the stripes. The early version is much cheaper, with the lines and text sliding in like construction paper.

2nd Logo (1985-December 31, 1992)

TV3 (Spain) (1992).png

Logo: On a black background, the same "3" from the previous logo, but in 3D and with each stripe elongated in increasing lengths, scrolls up and past the camera, before going to a comfortable angle. The camera then rotates around and the parts retract into position, before passing the camera from below. A gray plate with several translucent shapes and "TV" engraved into it then flies into view. The shapes then shrink and start moving around, as well as the camera. When it starts to leave the plate, the letters rise from the plate and fly off of it, before it leaves the view, and the letters "TV" become taller and blue before flying away. It then cuts to a extreme close-up of the "3" with the letters flying in, and everything comes into place as the background changes into sky blue. The text "TELEVISIÓ DE CATALUNYA", in the same style as in the previous logo, then zooms and flips in under the text, completing the logo.


  • On the original version of Bobobobs, the print logo takes the place of the BRB Internacional logo.
  • An abridged version exists, where the logo starts during the closeup of the "3" and forms in warp speed. Sometimes, "Barcelona, Spain" fades in below.

Technique: Everything done by Animatica.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo. The abridged version had the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Extinct. This was used as both an startup and closedown ident. The abridged version was seen on the first season of Dark Justice.

Legacy: The large, in-your-face animation, darkness, as well as its length and fanfare can spook quite a few out.

3rd logo (1993-1996)

TV3 (Spain) (1993).png

Logo: Over a series of colored background that range from orange and blue, while other colors move and pieces of the TV3 logo appear, and some text appears, the new TV3 logo fades in, which consists of a box with the letters "TV", the number "3" and some segmented triangles fade in.

Technique: Everything.

Music/Sounds: An fast paced yet relaxing orchestra with synth sounds. A high quality version of the music can be found here.

Avalibility: CGI combined with 2D effects.

Legacy: This is a really beautiful logo, though not as good as the next logo.

4th logo (1996-1998)

TV3 (Spain) (1997).png

Logo: We see a test pattern forming with blocks and then we see the TV3 logo forming. It then fades out to another TV3 logo, this time in 2D.

Technique: 3D computer effects.

Music/Sounds: A peaceful piano tune which ends with synthesizers.

Avalibility: Extinct.

Legacy: This is one of the greatest TV idents of all time.

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