TV-ohjelma 2

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This is the secondary channel alongside with TV-ohjelma 1 after the channel acquired Tesvisio and Tamvisio. In late 1965, along with TV1, the channel has rebranded into TV2 when the channel started broadcasting in colour.

(March 1-December 24, 1965)

Logo: Same as the TV-ohjelma 1 logo used at the time, but the lower text says "tv-ohjelma 2" ("TV-program 2" in Finnish).

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Same as TV-ohjelma 1.

Availability: Completely extinct. This ident was known to be in temporary use in 1965 before the next logo became used as the primary startup/closedown ident for the channel. Aside from a newspaper scan, no on-screen footage of the ident is known to exist. There is no known footage of the logo making it lost media but a remake has been made of it.

TV-ohjelma 2
TV2 (Finland)
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