TV-ohjelma 1

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In 1964, the channel was formed and reassembled after Yleisradio took over Tamvisio in 1964, which resulted in Suomen Televisio renaming their channel to TV-ohjelma 1. When the channel started broadcasting in colour, the channel yet again rebranded to TV1.

(March 1-December 24, 1965)

Logo: We see a picture featuring a series of multiple straight white lines (even darker lines can be barely seen on the background) and a black oval circle on the center, with the following text in a stack inside it:

tv-ohjelma 1
("BROADCAST TV-program 1" in Finnish)

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: A seven-note jingle played with a glockenspiel.

Availability: Completely extinct. This ident was in temporary use in 1965, before the fourth logo described here premiered at the end of the year. The existence of this one is shown on a document aired originally on November 19, 1965. While the document displays the arrival of television on local town, the off-screen footage of television screen features the logo at the end of transmission. No recorded on-screen footage of the logo is known to exist. The document is available on the public broadcaster's web archive.

Suomen Televisio
TV-ohjelma 1
TV1 (Finland)
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