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Embryonic Studios was formed in 2005 by the key staff from the closed UK studio of Warthog (Gizmondo Europe), led by Warthog co-founder Nick Elms. In January 2007, it was acquired by Traveller's Tales and became part of TT Games as "TT Fusion". The studio is based in Wilmslow, England.

(November 6, 2007-)

Logo: We see a rounded rectangle box, divided into two unequal parts, on a black background. In the upper part, the Traveller's Tales double-T logo appears, surrounded by rays. Below, we can read "FUSION". There are nine bubbles around the division line.


  • The general NDS logo has a blue tint.
  • Lego City Undercover have 2 variantsː
    • Openingː By the ship, we see the logo black and white with 15 stripes to TT. When the logo appears, the birds fly from the ship
    • Closing (after the credits) We fade into the Paradise Sands (location from the game) and then, the valkirie comes by the road and a robber in a car. From the left side, the Chase Mcain dressed by robber and with suitcase runs away by the Frank Honey. Until they runs, the logo builds from bricks (like a super build). After the logo finishes, the "O" opens and Chase go by it and he goes safed from the Frank. Suddenly the Frank saw him and whistle to Chase. Chase scared run away from Frank. Then the camera stops and the logo fades out after a 10 seconds.
  • On LoTR: Aragorn's Quest for PS2, the logo is gray and 3D. Also, it's turned a bit.
  • On Harry Potter games, the logo appears on a piece of parchment.
  • On Guinness World Records, the print logo shares the screen with the WBIE logo.

Technique: Usually none.

Music/Sounds: None.

Music/Sounds variantsː Lego City Undercover usesː

  • Openingː i'm walking on sunshine song (singed by Katrina it was the opening therme of the game) and sounds of a seaguls.
  • Closingː Soundtask from a game and a building logo from bricks, whistle and wrooming car sounds.

Availability: Seen mainly on portable games, including the PSP and NDS ports of Traveller's Tales LEGO-licensed games. Also appears on Lego Rock Band and Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest for all platforms.

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