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TROS was the general entertainment organization of the Dutch public broadcasting system, established in 1964, best known for its game shows, informational programs and original TV shows (along with AVRO). The company then went defunct after it merged with AVRO to form AVROTROS in 2014.

All of the logos can be seen here and here.

1st Logo (1980?-1984)

Logo: On a black background there's a #FFD900 outline of a Dutch lion emblem. It stretches into transparent light beams which then take up the center of the screen vertically, and they turn dodgerblue and form an 8-pointed sun emblem. The light beams shrink away and the emblem is colored in.

FX/SFX: The light beam animation, simple for 80s standards but neat for the time.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note brass fanfare.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (1982-1984)

Logo: The TROS sun emblem moves to various sides and reveals various shots of parts of the Netherlands, such as people walking, a sailboat, a military base, a horse race, a bridge, an aerial shot of green fields, a bicycle race, a highway, a panning view of cows at a farm, and finally a shot of a river of a rural area, as the TROS sun finally zooms to us and the text "TROS" is revealed on the center. The text "vanavond TROS-avond" then appears in front of it.

FX/SFX: The panning TROS logo, the live-action shots, and the revealing of the text.

Music/Sounds: A disco fanfare, with an announcer after it.

Availability: Extinct, seeing as it was used as an ID.

3rd Logo (1984-1986?)

Logo: On a black/blue gradient background, we see the TROS sun textured like before, with a moving reflection of the sea seen on it. The logo shines and the star flare passes through it, as the logo starts to glow white. The sun then shrinks to the left and the letters "TROS" slowly spin and pan one-by-one with shining effects. The "TROS" text then appears on the top, with the sun appearing after it, as the finished product shines.


  • During closedowns, "TOT (day of the week in Dutch)" appears on the bottom of the logo.
  • A short version also exists. Each element of the logo slides in from the right and settles, with the usual shining effects, but the TROS sun prolongs more than the one-second interval of the letters. The logo then suddenly fades into the finished product.
  • When the new TROS jingle was introduced in 1986, there were a few modifications on the animation. The TROS sun has the star flare passing through its whole outline, and at the end, the TROS logo forms by appearing with each element one by one.
  • During the 1986 winter season, the logo's reflection shows a snowy field with snowflakes precipitating.

FX/SFX: The reflection of the logo was perfectly made, but the overall look is ruined by the cheap panning/spinning effects. The warp-speed variant is worse. The animation of the flare on the 1986 variant is also very rushed.

Music/Sounds: The trademark TROS jingle used on the time, depending on each version. The short 1984 ident has the last ascending notes play.

Availability: Extinct.

4th Logo (1986?-1988)

Logo: On water, The TROS symbol rises up from under the sea. The scene appears on a TV that a husband and wife are watching. The TROS symbol flies out of the TV. We cut to clips of various shows. Various animations of the TROS symbol fly over clips. After that, a man opens a magazine. The TROS symbol zooms into another TV set that the other couple are watching. Finally, we cut to a man pushing the button on the remote with a TROS symbol on it. A laser emerges from the remote, said laser makes the TROS symbol. The TROS symbol and wordmark flies in forming the final product on a yellow background. The Nederland 2 logo appears below.


  • There's also a version used for closedown. Everyone turns off their TVs. At the end of this variant, Stars form the TROS logo.

FX/SFX: Live action with top notch VFX.

Music/Sounds: The trademark TROS vocal anthem used at the time, which was taken from "The Best Show" jingle package by JAM Creative Productions, dubbed into Dutch by Top Format.

Availability: Extinct.

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