TRANSvideo (Portugal)

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Not to be confused with the Brazilian Transvideo that made Turma Da Monica tapes.


Logo: A camera opens, a box slides and zooms to its position. A dotted line also zooms out while spinning. A yellow film countdown appears for a split second on the bottom right. The word "TRANSVIDEO" slides into place on the box as yellow splatter effects appear. A white grid box then slides down, with a filmstrip on the right with the word "TRANSVIDEO", making the other box glow also in yellow. A flash appears, leaving the white grid texture from the other box. Two black squares slide in from both directions with the wordmark of the company above and below them. "PICTURE" appears in the two squares (one of them is in a white box) and go back and forth without animation. Suddenly, the "TRANSVIDEO" filmstrip from before dramatically slides in to the right. The two squares merge into one rectangle and the "TRANSVIDEO" wordmarks move diagonally. Then a wiping transition occurs, leaving the same white grid, but without everything else. The "TRANSVIDEO" filmstrip flies in to the right as dark film countdowns quickly appear.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A very dramatic orchestral fanfare. Once the wiping transition appears, a calm pizzicato theme is heard for a second, then an orchestral hit repeated 3 times, followed by a dramatic brass note.

Availability: Unknown. Probably ultra rare, considering we have no idea which tapes used this logo.

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