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Descriptions by
LMgamer36, Thesquidgeeks and Henrynguye5

Captures by
Ducky Mioda, Thesquidgeeks & Henrynguye5

Editions by
Henrynguye5, LMgamer36‎ and AlmightyKingPrawn‎

Video captures courtesy of
Les P'tits Créateurs, identstvfr, SubliminoX



1st Logo (1975-1982)

TF1 RFP 1975.jpg

Logo: On a brown-purple wallpaper background, the stylized word "rFp" in purple/white draws itself. "p" then pans down to make way for a diamond with a "1" inside a circle in it in the same color as the abstract. "RÉGIE FRANÇAISE DE PUBLICITÉ" and a TF1 logo appears underneath as the TF1 logo flashes repeatedly.

Technique: Cel animation that's typical of the time.

Music/Sounds: A decreasing synth sounder.

Availability: Extinct.

2nd Logo (1982-1986)

Logo: On a metallic blue background, we see the "rFp" logo from before with a diamond above the "p". The letters and the diamond become silver one-by-one, and a red circle appears on the diamond. As "p" becomes silver, "REGIE FRANCAISE DE PUBLICITE" (without the diacritics) with a TF1 logo beside it appears underneath. The background shines.

Technique: Cheesy 2D animation. It appears that the logo was longer at the time, but was cut for unknown reasons.

Music/Sounds: An early 80s synth tune.

Availability: Extinct, as only a portion of this logo was discovered.

3rd Logo (1986-1987)

TF1 RFP 1986.jpg

Logo: On a segmented blue background, a translucent TF1 logo fades in, then silver segments of a circle and a ring fly in. "Régie Française de Publicitié" wipes in below.

Technique: Nice CGI for the time.

Music/Sounds: A rising choir, then a synth flute fanfare backed by a drum beat.

Availability: Extinct.

4th Logo (1987-1988)

Logo: On a yellow black background, we see a yellow (or brown) triangle with the word "tf1" in the left of it, flip up to the center of the screen. As the triangle and the word flip in, there are are a bunch of white boxes flipping in below the triangle that contain the letters like: "P", "U", "B", "L", "I", "C", "T", "E". And a blue line draws in at the end.


  • Sometimes, there's a shorter (or a reversed) version which only has the white boxes and the line do the same animation, but in reversed. The triangle and the "tf1" word is still.
  • There's also a variant that has the space background instead of a black background. And this version also added in a lots of pink searchlights that do the same thing as the yellow triangle.
  • And like the normal variant, the "searchlight" variant has the shorter variant which has the searchlights move and the space background is still replaces the black background. The line and the boxes do the same animation in reversed and the triangle with the word "tf1" is still in still.

Technique: The flipping and the drawing. All in neat CGI.

Music/Sounds: A rearranged version of the previous music.

Availability: Extinct.

Legacy: Despite its 2-year lifespan, the CGI is very ahead of the time period.

5th Logo (1988-1989)

TF1 RFP 1988.jpg





Music/Sounds Variants:

Availability: Extinct.


6th Logo (1989-1991)

TF1 RFP 1989.jpgTF1 RFP 1990A.jpgTF1 RFP 1990B.jpg


Variants: Sometimes the TF1 logo is not present, lacks the box or has the word "PUBLICITE" below.



Availability: Extinct.

7th? Logo (1999(?)-2006)

Logo: Depends on the variant. Listed below


  • Curling I: On a white background, a green "P" and "B" are placed as a green "U" slides into the other letters, like a curling. The hitting causes the letters to bounce around the background eventually spelling "PUB".
  • Spinning I: On a white background, the camera rotates around blue "PUB"(in the same font as Curling I) and at one point they all simultaneously rotate.
  • Floating I: On a white background, a purplish "PUB" float around.
  • Leapfrog I: On a black background, a pinkish "PUB" play leapfrog.
  • Sliding I: On a white background, a blue "PUB" stand, and afterwards, they slide away.
  • Swinging I: On a white background, a pink "PUB"(aligned vertically) swings around.
  • Spinning II: Same as Spinning I.
  • Curling II: Same as Curling I, but the text is red, and the letters fall down.
  • Other variants: TBA

8th? Logo (2006-2008)

Logo: TBA

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant,

Availability: Extinct.

9th? Logo (2006-2013)

TF1 Pub 1.jpg
TF1 Pub 2.jpg
TF1 Pub 4.jpg
TF1 Pub 3.jpg
TF1 Pub 5.jpg
TF1 Pub 6.jpg
TF1 Pub 7.jpg
TF1 Pub 8.jpg
TF1 Pub 9.jpg
TF1 Pub 10.jpg
TF1 Pub 11.jpg

Logo: Depends on the variant. This usually features the word "PUB" against different settings, in different fonts according to the variant. A TF1 logo can be seen below.

Variants: Depends on the variant.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant,

Availability: Extinct.

10th? Logo (2013-2018(?))

Logo: Depends on the variant, but all of these include an abstract "pub" logo against an object. Then, we rotate to see actions behind the logo that also depend on the variant. Underneath all of that is a small TF1 logo, now with a gradient in the blue and red boxes.

Variant: Variants exist where we start with the rear portion of the logo instead. Then, we rotate back to see the "pub" logo.

Technique: CGI animation. These were animated by Roof Studio under the agency Naked Compagnie.

Music/Sounds: Depends on the variant.

Availability: Extinct.

11th? Logo (2021- )

TF1 RFP 2021.jpg

Logo: Superimposed over either live-action footage of some landmarks of France or CGI-generated imagery is the translucent abstract word "pub", which wipes in. A light shines in between the "p" and the "u", giving off a lens flare. Underneath all of that is a small TF1 logo from the previous logo.

Technique: A hybrid of live-action and CGI.

Music/Sounds: A reversed snapping sound which leads into a decreasing 3-note piano tune.

Availability: Current and common.

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