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Logo: On a red background, we see a white square with a thick, light blue bordering come into existence and start expanding. As it expands, we see that inside it and zooming in is the company's logo, which is, inside of a rounded square, a rounded rectangle with the name "TEY" inside and is above the stylized text VCR, which has lines going through the letters along with "TEY", all of which is above the word "PRODUCCIONES", in black and Times New Roman. The square eventually stops expanding and the logo stops zooming in and, after a few seconds, the square and logo fade away, with the white text "PRESENTA" fading in in their place.

Technique: 2D animation, likely done by a computer.

Music/Sounds: An excerpt of "Cabaret".

Availability: Seen on Argentine VHS releases of Historias del Espejo, Le rose di Danzica, Aces Go Places, Il mio corpo per un poker and Holocaust 2000. It may also be found on the company's releases of Attention les yeux!, Pacific Banana, Die Säge des Todes and …Nebo být zabit.

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