Super Pictures (Pakistan)

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Descriptions by

Captures by
TVB and DiggaDigga2010

Video captures courtesy of
Wilkins Guy

(May 16, 1969)

Logo: We first see a mosque with a noticeable tower, which is known as the Masjid-al-Haram. We then cut to the company name in Urdu on a grayscale background. We then cut to a cloudy sky where the camera pans upwards. While the sky is shown, we can see another mosque in one of the sets of clouds. It then cuts to 3 more sets of clouds, where the 3rd fades to a strange-looking animal with Arabic handwriting all over it.

Trivia: Although the film has no logo, the strange-looking animal (albeit tinted blue) is seen in Gangwa (1981).

Technique: Live action footage.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with 17 timpani hits when the company name appears along with a one note sample for the last hit, and a woman singing for the rest, which is distorted, probably due to filming issues.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The same song (and the opening credits song, being clearer) are heard in Gangwa (1981).

Availability: Only seen on Waryam.

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