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The Super A'can is a 16-bit game console made by the Taiwanese company Funtech. The chipset of the Motorola 68000 gives the system a similarity to the Sega Genesis and Neo-Geo. There were only 12 games released for the system. Its commercial failure resulted in Funtech disbanding in 1996.

(October 25, 1995-1996)

Super A'can.png

Logo: On a purple background, we zoom out from copies of Funtech logos, which consists of circles which move down and have a Chinese translation of the name "Funtech" in between them. There's also eyelash-like figures in the top-right corner of them. The word "A'can" slides in, and a green bubble speech like shape with red, yellow, and blue drops near the top-right corner 'stretches' to appear.

Technique: 16-bit animation.

Music/Sounds: A soft ascending and descending chime sound similar to the 1978 Lorimar logo.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen when you turn on a Super A'can. This console is very hard to find since it was distributed mostly throughout Taiwan, it was a commercial failure due to it being too expensive at the time, and the 3D era of video games was getting more popular.

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