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Descriptions by
kidinbed, CooleyBoy10 and rj4712

Captures by

Editions by
socoollogos, iheartparamount, TVB and others

Video captures courtesy of
Mitchell Hang


Logo: On a green-blue gradient background that ripples like water, the green-blue text "SuperVideo", in a font very similar to Sophi Sophi Regular and Futura SH ExtraLight, appears just off-screen with a trail that extends out towards the right. Then, another "SuperVideo" fades in a large size and closer to the center, a dark copy of it fading in to its left. A scrolling "SuperVideo" then goes across the screen quickly, and the other trails then disappear as the background starts to darken and eventually ripple with a red-orange color. 2 more "SuperVideo" texts appear largely off-screen, and a 3rd "SuperVideo" scrolls up in the background and then scrolls back down while zooming in towards the background, as all the text fades to red-orange. It then cuts to the part where the "SuperVideo" text scrolls across the screen, repeated twice with the change being that the text becomes red-orange, but instead placed on a psychedelic-looking white-blue background. Then, it cuts to a black background with a "spotlight", with a "SuperVideo" text seen in the center and a trail extending towards the upper right. The spotlight then fades away and much of the trail disappears as well, leaving a single shadowy "SuperVideo" behind it.

Technique: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An edited segment of the track "Almost Dead" from the A Fistful of Dollars soundtrack suite by Ennio Morricone, the second half of which is played twice.

Availability: Rare. Seen on old German PAL tapes. Look on, or go to Germany and check video stores for tapes with a SuperVideo print.

Legacy: This logo is known (and infamous) among the community for its psychadelia, intense amounts of chyron and overall below-moderate quality.

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