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Suomen Televisio is the second oldest Finnish television channel after TES-TV, beginning its transmissions on 13 August 1957, but did not use a logo until 1958. After Yleisradio has acquired Tamvisio in 1964, the channel has been renamed to TV-ohjelma 1.

(January 1, 1958-February 28, 1965)

Logo: On a black and white background, we see four stylized whooper swans, who are half black and half white, flying towards each other from all four sides of the screen. However, these swans only fly past each other in the center of the screen as the stacked text "SUOMEN TELEVISIO" fades in and starts zooming in on the middle of the screen. The swans leave a square-shaped space for the company name and stop at one place for a short amount of time until they continue flying straight ahead and the background fades into a gray one, while the text zooms in towards the screen before the logo fades out.

Trivia: The ident was designed by E.Räty, who would also create the 4th logo on this page.

Variant: The short variant has the text zooming in towards the camera on a cloudy sky background.

Technique: Primitive animation.

Music/Sounds: A long orchestral piece composed by Lauri Saikkola and played by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra with the lead of Nils-Eric Fougstedt. It consists of a xylophone musical piece, which is followed by a bombastic variant of the piece. Another xylophone tune plays, which followed by another orchestral version. Brass instruments then play out a different tune loosely based on the YLE analog tones, finished by 2 long notes. It continues with more brass instruments with drums before capping off with a final gong hit.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The extended rendition of the orchestral piece was recorded in 1958.

Availability: Extinct on TV. The main ident can be found on many Finnish television retrospective programs, such as Suomalainen rapsodia from 1974 and Sinun tarinasi - Yle 90 from 2016. The short variant was featured at the beginning of the Kamerakierros newscast program and it could be spotted on Studio 500000 program from 1964.

Suomen Televisio
TV-ohjelma 1
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