Sunfilm Entertainment

From Audiovisual Identity Database

Descriptions by
SnowflakesOmega and rj4712


Sunfilm Entertainment.jpeg

Logo: We see a sunset sky with a water surface below. A creature (which looks like a tentacle or an aquatic snake) is seen swimming across the water, getting closer to us. The other part of the creature comes out from the water and forms a "S", which the bottom part extended to the top. The sunset sky and water background turn black after that, and the S turns into a blue texture. The word "SUNFILM" appears letter-by-letter. "ENTERTAINMENT" then emerges below, facing vertically and then placing normally below "SUNFILM".

Technique: Good concept and animation for the time which look quite poor for today.

Music/Sounds: A dark synth drone, along with other synthesized sounds. When "ENTERTAINMENT" appears, there's an orchestral hit.

Availability: Uncommon in Germany. It can be found on a lot of low-to-mid budget films distributed in DVD and Blu-Ray, unsure if this is still really used today.

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