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Studio Renaissance was a film studio ran by Andrey Igorevich Malyukov.

(April 14, 1993)

Logo: On a dark space background, an outline of the Vitruvian Man in a T-pose zooms in. Once he stops, an outline of a circle fades in and then spreads out four limbs. The arced text wipes in from the center, reading "STUDIO RENAISSANCE LTD" with its English and Russian translations on the top and bottom respectively.

Technique: Basic 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Eerie ambience music throughout. When the Vitruvian Man spreads out his limbs, the second to fourth notes of the Westminster Chimes play, in-sync with the rest of the animation.

Availability: Only seen on Malenkie tsjelovetsjki Bolsjevistskogo pereoelka, ili Hotsjoe piva.

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