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Gilblitz122, ExclaimEntertaiment and Henrynguye5

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Studio Ponoc (株式会社スタジオポノック, Kabushiki-gaisha Sutajio Ponokku) is a Japanese animation studio based in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Yoshiaki Nishimura in April 15, 2015 with several animators formerly with Studio Ghibli. Its first feature film, Mary and the Witch's Flower, was released in 2017.

(July 8, 2017- )

Logo: On a white background, styled like paper, we see a drawing of Mary from Mary and the Witch's Flower. On the bottom is the text "STUDIO PONOC". with the first O in PONOC having a red arrow pointing to the top like a clock. Some Japanese text appears on the bottom.


  • On non-Japanese prints, the Japanese text isn't there.
  • Sometimes, a drawing wasn't seen.

Technique: The fade in and out.

Music/Sounds: None or opening theme to the movie.

Availability: Debuted on Mary and the Witch's Flower, and will likely appear on future films by the company.

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