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Studio Lambert is an independent television production company based in London and Los Angeles, specializing in creating and producing entertaining non-scripted programs for the UK, US and international markets. It is currently owned by All3Media.

(March 2008-)

Logo: On a white or black background, we see a hot pink neon-ish marquee that says "STUDIO LAMBERT" contained in a box. It then lights up.

Bylines: Starting in 2012, the byline is used below.

  • 2012-2014: "An All3MEDIA Company".
  • 2013-2020: "anall3mediacompany" in it's then-current font.
  • 2021- : "An All3Media Company" with the new All3Media logo on the left.


  • The positioning of the logo varies: it is sometimes seen further away from the screen (a la open-matte).
  • On Four in a Bed, Race Across The World, The Circle and several other shows, the logo is in-credit.
  • Sometimes, this logo can be shared with other logos.
  • For shows that were produced in Manchester, the logo has the word "NORTH" below the name.
  • On the second series of The Circle, the logo fades in a black background and it's brighter.
  • Sometimes, the logo is seen animating next or below the All3Media logo on shows like Second Wives Club and Season 5 and beyond of Undercover Boss.
  • On Gogglebox Australia, the logo is in blue.

Technique: The marquee lighting up.

Music/Sounds: A sound of a light being came on, including a humming noise.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On Four in a Bed, the ending theme is used.
  • On Second Wives Club, the sound of the then current All3Media logo and the same sound is used together.

Availability: Common. In the US, currently seen on Undercover Boss. In the UK, seen on the British version of the previously seen show and is seen on other shows that they produced such as Four in a Bed, Gogglebox, Naked Attraction, and The Hustler.

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