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Descriptions by
AlmightyKingPrawn, Henrynguye5 and JamsterYT‎

Captures by
AlmightyKingPrawn and Henrynguye5

Editions by
AlmightyKingPrawn, Henrynguye5, PM pinter, TheRealMarcel2000, TrademarkMagic04 and Kyrongenius1

Video captures courtesy of
Jim Bo, Yan Ribeiro Guimarães Ribeiro, ifrequire, brent dubin and Broken Saw


Studio 100 was founded in 1996 as a small TV production company by Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon. The company has produced and distributed many animated shows such as Maya the Bee, Heidi, and Vic the Viking, live action series, including Plop the Gnome, Mega Mindy, and Bumba, and also the girls band K3. In 1998, Studio 100 began releasing titles on video under PolyGram Video until the company was sold by Seagram & Sons and shifted over to Universal. In 2000, Studio 100 signed a deal with Universal for releasing its titles on home video until 2006, when Studio 100 created its own home entertainment output to release new titles in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Germany, Studio 100 purchased the rights to all of the shows that were owned and distributed by EM.TV such as the libraries of Junior shows in 2006 and the entire libraries of Yoram Gross movies and series (now Flying Bark Productions) in 2007. In 2008, after Planeta Junior purchased EM.TV AG, shortly after EM Television changed its name to EM.Sport Media AG, Studio 100 took over the libraries. In 2017, Studio 100 acquired m4e (Made For Entertainment) AG.

1st Logo (1997-2006)

Logo: In an ocean with a sunrise above it, we see lights moving. They rise out of the water as the sun becomes visible, forming the text "STuDIO" (in a serif font). As we continue panning upwards, the sun stretches into an oval, before becoming "100" (in a paintbrush font) underneath "STuDIO", as the sunrise background turns to clouds. The logo stops panning, and the ocean is no longer visible.

Variant: On video releases, the text "Video" is written on the bottom.

Technique: Primitive but advanced CGI.

Music/Sounds: A cheery synth tune composed by Johan Vanden Eede, which is actually the Samson & Gert Caravanshow end theme.

Availability: Common. It appears on home media releases of all Studio 100 programs.

2nd Logo (2006-)

Logo: We pan up through the clouds to see a streak of light flying. As we follow it through the sky, the clouds it passes form to resemble characters from Studio 100: Vic the Viking, the comic version of Samson from Samson & Gert, Maya the Bee, the studio's version of the literary character Heidi, and a cartoon version of Pirate Pete. Afterwards, it forms the logo, which is "STUDIO100" in the Bank Gothic MD BT font, with the light forming a yellow curved line with stars at its end above it.


  • Another (and earlier) variant, used for local programs has different cloud effects and different characters: Bumba, a different comic version of Samson from Samson & Gert, the hat of Plop the Gnome, and a different cartoon version of Pirate Pete. The final logo is farther away and on a clearer sky background, and is more 3D-ish. A short version of this variant also exists.
  • On Legend of Enyo, the print logo is used on a white background with a "Distributed by" byline above it. Here, the text is colored gray and green. The text "MEDIA" is below.
  • An in-credit version exists.
  • A brighter version exists.
  • On Maya the Bee, the Studio 100 Media logo is seen still on a black background, with the text "DISTRIBUTED BY" above. The background then fades to white, the "DISTRIBUTED BY" and "MEDIA" texts disappear, and the Studio 100 logo changes colors.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral rendition of "Toveren" by K3, played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the end theme plays over or none.
  • In other cases, the theme can be low-pitched.
  • The earlier variant had a re-arranged version of the theme, which is abridged on the short version.

Availability: Current. The in-credit version appears on series such as Big & Small, Florrie's Dragons, Kerwhizz, and also at the end of Blinky Bill the Movie. Also used as a de-facto home video logo.

3rd Logo (2008-2016)

Logo: In the credits of a show, we see 2 rectangles, a long red one and a shorter yellow one next to it. On the red one is the word "STUDIO" and on the gold one is "100", all in white and in the same font as before.

Variant: A black background variant exists.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Appears on House of Anubis and season 3 of Big & Small.

4th Logo (2016- )

Logo: In the credits of a show, we see a red outline around the text "studio100". All of the text is in white except the "o" and tittle of the "i", which are yellow.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Appears on House of Anubis.

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