Storytime Collection

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Logo: We slowly zoom in toward a brown book in a darkly-lit room with a darker brown label on it reading "Storytime Collection" in a fancy cursive font. Once the camera gets close enough, the book opens up, showing nine video clips of cartoons appearing and zooming out, starting in the top right and working its way toward the bottom right. In order, the clips are:

  • A clip of Captain Future flying towards the screen
  • A clip from the anime Candy Candy
  • A clip from Little Lulu
  • A bear catching fish in a stream from Fables of the Green Forest
  • A cannon going off
  • A clip of Peter Cottontail dancing
  • A spaceship being shot at by lasers from Captain Harlock
  • A strange pair of eyes peeking out from some foliage
  • A clip of Comet, the spaceship from Captain Future, taking-off

Then, the same Storytime Collection text zooms in.

Technique: The live-action book and clips.

Music/Sounds: It starts off with a synthesized fairytale-like tune ("Cumulus (A)" by Graham de Wilde) as the camera zooms toward the book, followed by a disco tune as the clips are shown.

Availability: Rare; seen on Australian tapes of cartoons released under the label.

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