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1st logo (2003?-2007)

Stonegold Production.png

Logo: We open venturing through a cavern, and as we go under an exit, we see a stream of pebbles fly up before we cut to the pebbles forming the golden word "STONE" in what appears to be a rugged, barren desert landscape. We then cut to see a stone boulder roll over the landscape before suddenly crashing and exploding to reveal the word "GOLD", in the same stylization, which then flies out towards the camera. The pebbles then form the word "GOLD", making the name "STONEGOLD" before they also form the cyan word "production" in a cursive-like font before we fade to black.

Trivia: An animation error is visible when the camera moves through the exit of the cavern. Two rocks, one being black and white and the other yellow, turn grey when the stream of pebbles appear.

Technique: Entirely done in CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: An ambient track that is later accompanied by a light piano and upbeat synth whistling, which later transitions to an upbeat tune with prominent steel drums. The music later changes to a suspenseful track, which remains for the rest of the logo's runtime. The logo also contains whooshing sounds and what appears to be a compressed electricity crackle sound for the pebbles forming the logo, and a loud crashing sound is also heard when the boulder explodes.

Music/Sounds Variants: Expensive Game and its sequel uses a different ambient track for the beginning and also uses different whoosh sound effects.

Availability: Seen on many of the company's productions, some examples including School Dropouts and its sequel and Expensive Game and its sequel. Divine Grace and its sequel appear to be the last two films, at least from what's listed on the company's IMDb page, to use this logo. It may also appear on Love in Bondage and The Vulture, two of the company's earliest productions, though this has not been verified.

2nd logo (2022?-)

Logo: We fade in to see, on a black background and on top of a soft yellow glow, the large 3D, golden and seemingly softly glowing name "STONEGOLD" resting above the smaller text, in the same stylization, "PRODUCTIONS LTD", which looks like this:


The logo then fades away, and the small yellow word "PRESENTS" places itself in the logo's place before it too fades away to make way for the opening credits.

Variant: At the end of the movie, on a black background, we see the same logo from before, albeit without the soft glow, above the copyright notice, in white, "(C)2022".

Music/Sounds: The opening credits sequence of the film.

Availability: Seen on at least one film produced by the company, which is The Prince and the Taxi Driver.

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