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Descriptions by
Shadeed A. Kelly, EnormousRat, BenIsRandom, GoAnimateFan199Pro, StephenCezar15, Henrynguye5 and SuperMax124

Captures by
Shadeed A. Kelly, BenIsRandom, Eric S., EnormousRat, Henrynguye5 and SuperMax124

Editions by
Nameless_Guy and GoAnimateFan199Pro

Video captures courtesy of
Chris West, Mr. Gann, GoAnimateFan199Pro and Broken Saw


Starz Originals is the production arm of the Starz network producing original series, formed in 2006 as Starz Productions.

Starz Productions

(October 27, 2006-February 2, 2007)

Logo: On a black background, there is a narrow white rectangle with a narrow medium-sized teal rectangle inside it. Inside it is the Starz star logo from the time. Below it is "STARZ PRODUCTIONS" in Helvetica Neue Black, which is stacked.

Technique: The fading of the logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Rare. Seen on season 2 of Masters of Horror on Chiller, Reelz Channel and its DVD releases.

Starz Originals

1st Logo (December 12, 2006-May 22, 2009)

Logo: On a waving blue silk background, we see the 2005 Starz logo's star draw in and "starz" in white appearing in a teal flourish of light. Then the word "ORIGINALS" fades in.


  • A still version on a black background exists.
  • Another still version has the words in all uppercase and bolded placed next to the star, with "ORIGINALS" in blue.

Technique: The waving silk, the logo appearing. This logo was complied by Landor Associates of San Francisco, California. Read more here.

Music/Sounds: A harsh synth flourish with twinkles, followed by three piano notes and a reversed cymbal crash. None on the still versions.

Availability: Seen on the first seasons of Crash: The Series, Head Case, and Party Down on Starz and Starz Edge. Also seen on Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film.

2nd Logo (July 9, 2008-February 25, 2011)


  • Opening Variant: On a bronze background, four frame lines, mimicking the style of a camera shot, expand quickly. A blurred close up shot of the Starz logo appears, with "ORIGINALS" below it. The blur disappears quickly and the logo focuses. A little lens blur appears. The camera frame expands and shrinks back to its normal size. We see a close up shot of the text "FEATURE", stacked on top of "PRESENTATION". The text focuses. The background shows a blurred panning transition of the text. The frame and the text fully expand out of view. On the same background, this time with the effect of a strip of film flickering, the given rating for a specified program appears. It is arranged like this: Below the text "THE FOLLOWING IS RATED", is the program's given rating, for example "TV-MA". If the program has Dolby audio encoding, the then-current Dolby logo is shown present inside a black border, with the text "DOLBY DIGITAL" next to the border. If the program contains closed captions, the respective symbol representing closed captioning is shown inside another black border, below the other one, with the text "CLOSED CAPTIONED" next to the border. A flash appears, erasing everything but the background. If the program has a TV-PG, TV-14, or TV-MA rating, a black border(s) (ranging from 1-4 depending on the given rating info) appears on the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Closing Variant: The focus from the opening variant is shown. In it, an even larger close up of the Starz logo is shown as it sways around the screen like a camera pan. The screen then flashes and "ORIGINALS" appears. The text pans. The screen flashes again, and the logo zooms out in its fully formed position. The background flickers and the logo gives out a lens flare. The screen flashes one final time and the logo disappears.

Technique: The forming of the logo, which was complied by Troika Design Group of Hollywood, California (you can see the full showcase here). They also complied the 3rd and 6th logos.

Music/Sounds: An organ-synth theme.

Availability: Seen on Crash: The Series, Martin Lawrence Presents: First Amendment Stand-up, Head Case, Party Down, Spartacus, and Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

3rd Logo (February 25, 2011-August 9, 2013)

Logo: We start on a sparkling orange star-hole (between the "a" and "r") in the Starz logo, which reveals itself and zooms out in a bright space. There is an orange torrent below. Four brackets surround the logo and "ORIGINALS" expand below it. The torrent below shines.

Technique: The logo unveiling itself and zooming out. This logo was complied by Troika Design Group of Hollywood, California (you can read more about the rebranding here). They also complied the 2nd and 6th logos.

Music/Sounds: An original fanfare with four beats at the end.

Availability: Seen on Spartacus Vengeance, Camelot and Magic City, in which this logo is intact on DVD.

4th Logo (2013-2016)

Note: A higher quality version of the logo (audio-only) can be found here.

Logo: On a black background, a satin-silk smoke trail rises up. The Starz Originals logo from the previous logos forms beside the smoke trail.

Technique: CGI animation. This logo was complied by yU+co of Hollywood, California. You can read more about the rebranding here.

Music/Sounds: A bouncy synth with a piano tune.

Availability: Seen on shows from the era on DVD and Blu-ray. Don't expect this to pop up on Outlander, Power, or Ash vs. Evil Dead episodes from the 2015-2016 season, as they have been plastered by the next logo below.

5th Logo (April 5, 2016-2022)


  • Pre-show Variant: On a monochromatic background with beige lighting and frosted glass flooring, a video shot of the show about to play (lasts one second) appears as it zooms out to reveal another shot, and again to reveal one more shot. Then on a similar background with a different focus and dust residue from the lighting flying over the screen, the shot zooms out to reveal the show's name (in Museo Sans) in all caps (for example: "OUTLANDER"). Below it we see "STARTS NOW". A viewer discretion warning fades in, bearing a resemblance to the 2nd logo but with a few differences. First, the background. Second, the font. Third, the warning borders are replaced with flat lines and have been moved to the beginning. And finally, all program specifications have been moved to the bottom center of the screen. This variant also doesn't mention Starz whatsoever.
  • Opening Variant: On a black background, a flash reveals the Starz logo. Next to it, "ORIGINALS PRESENTS" fades in.
  • Closing Variant: In the same setting as the pre-show variant, a light reveals the text "STARZ ORIGINALS", which zooms out. The light dies down but remains on the flooring.
  • App Variant: It is the same as the pre-show variant, but it is viewed in portrait and landscape views. It is also used in on-demand prints, but with a viewer discretion warning shown after the logo.


  • Starz has compiled their own brandbook with more info about their rebranding. Read it here.
  • The animation was complied by Troika Design Group of Hollywood, California, who were also responsible for the 3rd and 4th logos. You can read more about the rebranding (and see the full showcase) here.


  • Pre-show Variant: The show's clips zooming out, the text following, the transition to the viewer discretion warning.
  • Opening/Closing Variants: The flash and the texts.


  • Pre-show Variants: A piano tune with percussion and bass notes that sounds similar to the current WMHT logo music.
  • Opening Variant: None.
  • Closing and App Variants: Same as the pre-show variant, except a whoosh has been added to the beginning of the logo, and the tune has been shortened to 3 piano notes.

Availability: Common on episodes of Starz Original series from the period, including Outlander, Blunt Talk, the Power franchise including Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan (with the last episode to use this being "It's a Business, Man") Power Book IV: Force, and Ash vs Evil Dead. It also seen on new Starz Original series such as American Gods, The Spanish Princess, the TV adaptation of Blindspotting and Gaslit. It started to plaster the previous logos on former and pre-2016 episodes of Starz originals such as Boss and Flesh and Bone. This logo was cut off on Amazon Prime Video international prints of the Starz original American Gods in which is on Amazon Prime Video in other countries. This also plasters the 1994 20th Century Fox logo on Starz prints of Titan A.E..

6th Logo (October 2, 2022-)

Logo: "The New Thing"

  • Opening Variant: On a moving teal background, we see the new Starz logo wipe in from left to right, with a larger blurred one seen from behind as it does so. Then, we see the "STARZ ORIGINALS PRESENTS" text like before, except with the new font (called Averta) as it wipes in. The background slowly dies down to black as the text is shown before it fades out.
  • Closing Variant: Same as above, although the text at the start is moved to the center and as we see the new Starz logo wipe in, the smaller text "ORIGINALS" appears below it in the same fashion. The portions on the top-left and top-right also do not fade out.

Technique: The flash and the texts. Done at Loyalkaspar.


  • Opening Variant: None.
  • Closing Variant: A recomposed version of the previous logo's music, now slower and with a jazz drum beat.

Availability: Brand new. Debuted on The Serpent Queen episode "A New Era" and later on Power Book III: Raising Kanan, starting with "No Love Lost". This is expected to appear on upcoming shows from the company.

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