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Starz Encore (originally named Encore from its launch in April 1991 until April 2016) is an American premium television channel owned by Lionsgate Films. It's programming features mainly older and recent theatrically released feature films, although some of its multiplex channels also carry acquired television series. The headquarters of Starz Encore, and its sister channels Starz and MoviePlex, are located at the Meridian International Business Center complex in Meridian, Colorado, United States. As of September 2018, it's programming was available to approximately 34.026 million U.S. households that had a subscription to a multichannel television provider, which 30.918 million of which receive it's primary channel at minimum. Prior to 2018, Starz Encore outpaced HBO for the largest subscriber reach of any American premium channel.


1st Logo (2005-2013)

Logo: Multiple shots of California show, with text in white appearing in a different appearance. Then the text "encore" shows up on a blue background, while a yellow outline of an explosion draws above, making it's print logo on a rainy background.

Variant: There is an alternate variant, where the backgrounds are different.

Technique: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: A majestic fanfare that seems to be ahead of its time.

Availability: Extinct on television.

Starz Encore

1st Logo (2016- )

Starz Encore (2016-).png

Logo: The same as the Starz Originals logo, only with "ENCORE" right next to "STARZ" instead of "ORIGINALS".

Technique: The same as the Starz Originals logo, which is the appearing & disappearing, as well as the light.

Music/Sounds: See Starz Originals.

Availability: Current. Can be seen on it's programming since 2016. With a new logo being introduced in 2022, this logo's days are numbered.

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