Starz Encore Entertainment

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Logo: Several white streaks fly past a blue spotlight, eventually pooling together to form the outline of a filmstrip that glows blue. the words "STARZ ENCORE" stretches in at the bottom, shining and giving off boxed blue rays, while "ENTERTAINMENT" fades in underneath.


  • Prior to 2002, the logo is still with the filmstrip glowing white.
  • On Loving Jezebel, the filmstrip lights blue.
  • On Skins, the logo is filmed.

Technique: None or the streaks and flying on the animated variant.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie or none. The animated version had zapping sounds with whooshes and dronings.

Availability: Appears on Relative Values, Skins, Loving Jezebel, Judy Berlin and some prints of Joe & Max. Also seen on the documentary Sam Peckinpah: Legacy of an Hollywood Renegade.

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