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Star TV was an over-the-air subscription television service that operated over three TV stations from 1981 to 1983. It traces its roots to two different over-the-air pay TV services: Broadcast Entertainment Subscription Television (BEST) (later known as Starcase) on Boston's WQTV (now WPBX-TV), which lasted from January 1979 to August 1981; and Super Time, which ran on San Francisco's KSTF from May 31 to September 1981. BEST/Starcase was owned by Universal Subscription Television (USTV), a company controlled by Canadian media conglomerate CanWest. Super Time was run by Satellite Television and Associated Resources (STAR). The first instance of STAR TV was launched on May 31, 1981 on San Jose's KSTS. In mid-1981, STAR purchased Super Time and discontinued operations on KSTS, moving all programming to KSTF under the STAR TV name. USTV sold its Starcase operation to STAR in August 1981, and that service also took on the STAR name. STAR TV folded in February 1983 due to high piracy rates and competition from expanding cable services and other over-the-air pay TV offerings.

Broadcast Entertainment Subscription Television (BEST)

(January 2, 1979-May 28, 1979)

Logo: On a starfield background, a gold, 3D, serif, segmented "BEST" zooms out and rotates into place in the center of the screen. As it reaches its final position, it tilts up and begins shining in a repetitive upward wipe. Laser beams wipe in "U.S. TV PRESENTS" above "BEST" and "BROADCAST ENTERTAINMENT SUBSCRIPTION TELEVISION" below "BEST."

Technique: The stars, the shining, the rotating word, and the lasers. Animated by Image West using the Scanimate system.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic and triumphant orchestral fanfare. Likely a stock music piece.

Availability: Extinct. The only place to find this logo is on a 1979 Image West demo reel (#15B), which is available online and on the Scanimate DVD. No off-air recordings of BEST have surfaced.


(May 29, 1979-August 1981)

Logo: On a black background, a 2D star tilted at a 45-degree angle begins to turn left, revealing two other stars behind it. As the stars turn, pop art depictions of cinema flash through them. When the stars become perpendicular to the screen, they become segmented, turn right, overlap each other, and zoom back. A spark writes a rounded rectangle with an open bottom around the stars, as the word "StarCase" zooms up from the bottom of the screen with a trail (like that of the 1978 Telepictures Productions logo).

Technique: The stars turning, the spark forming the circle, the word zooming in. Also animated by Image West using the Scanimate system.

Music/Sounds: A bouncy, electronic disco piece that ends in a synth chord. Probably a stock music piece.

Availability: Extinct. Seen on Image West demo #15B. The copy posted on YouTube lacks this logo, as it is an abridged version of the complete demo. No off-air recordings of Starcase have surfaced.

Legacy: An edited version of this logo has been on YouTube for many years. It contains a "SUBSCRIPTION-ONLY" notice and a WQTV notice, both of which are not original to the logo.

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