Star Bright

From Audiovisual Identity Database


Another set of theatre snipes from the National Screen Service.


Bumper: Against a space background, a white flash appears in the center of the screen, from which emerges a crystalline blue film canister. As it zooms in, red text appears with a trail of sparkles behind it:

  • Our Feature Presentation
  • Prevues of Coming Attractions
  • Intermission
  • Also

Variant: On Gentle Savage (1973), a freeze frame of the "Prevues of Coming Attractions" bumper can be seen before the trailer reel.

Technique: Possibly early 3D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Either a whimsical brass fanfare or a very 1980s synthesized piece of music.

Availability: Rare. Used at drive-in and independent theaters by various companies in the 1980s. Also appears at the end of a few Warner Home Video rental tapes from 1982, as well as its "Night at the Movies" series of videotapes, and also many early 1980s tapes from Family Home Entertainment and its sister companies.

Legacy: Those who collect early 1980s FHE/U.S.A./Monterey tapes will surely be familiar with this bumper.

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