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Spooky House Studios UG is an Android video game developer that was founded in 2010. They created more than 60 apps with their best known titles being Progressbar95, Rail Maze, Bubble Shootix, and many more.

(June 6, 2010-)

Logo: On an dark electric blue gradient background, we see a simple three-story house on a hill against a large moon with a bat above and two more hills surrounding it. On top and underneath it is the text "Spooky House" and "Studios®" in Hobo.


  • Most games in the early 2010's have the background in gray.
  • Some games from 2014 and 2015 feature a detailed background behind the house where a train releasing smoke, a railway bridge with one section missing, and a stoplight flashing green is seen.
  • Sometimes, the background is black and the additional hills are removed.
  • On Wheeltris, on an orange background with a faint vignette, the logo is inside a gear border and rolls from the left. Shortly after, the logo bounces back and the standard text in white appears.
  • On Progressbar95, the logo with the text "Spooky House®" underneath the house is shown in white and with a computer screen effect.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Fairly common. Seen on all of the games they have released, which are available for both Android and iOS. The standard version can be seen on You Sunk! and current versions of Bubble Explode whereas the early version with the gray background was seen on Doodle Train, Bubble Shootix, and early versions of Bubble Explode. The detailed variant was seen on some games from 2014 and 2015 such as Rail Maze 2 and the black background variant was on the first Rail Maze game and Dig Bombers.

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