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Video captures courtesy of
Joshua Napier BR, Eric S., Broken Saw and Sagan Blob


Spondoolie Productions is the production company of Rob Thomas (not to be confused with the singer and frontman of Matchbox Twenty). It was formerly known as Rob Thomas Productions. The later company is named after a game played at Thomas' Texas middle school.

Rob Thomas Productions

(September 22, 2004-June 16, 2009)

Logo: On a half orange, half black background, we see three black mice in fetters, walking and doing the conga line at the orange half. On the black half of the screen, we see three gray trapezoids that the mice stop at. The following logo overlaps the first two trapezoids when it fades in:

Rob Thomas

Technique: The mice and their shadows moving to the trapezoids, the logo fading in.

Music/Sounds: A 7-note fanfare is heard, and then the mice yell "Hey!"

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the fanfare and the mice' voices are PAL pitch.
  • In the early years, the fanfare is lower-pitched and the mice' voices are different.

Availability: Seen on seasons 1-3 of Veronica Mars and the 2009 revival of Cupid.

Spondoolie Productions

1st Logo (March 14-November 4, 2014)

Note: The logo starts at 0:49.

Logo: On a black background we see the text "Spondoolie", with the lines on the "p" and the "d" outstretched, and "P R O D U C T I O N S" below it in a similar font. The logo is colored like the American flag.

Technique: None

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Appeared on the Veronica Mars movie and Play It Again, Dick.

2nd Logo (March 17, 2015-August 1, 2019)

Logo: On a teal background with a spiral of stars and triangular lights that disappear near the end of the logo, we see the text "Spondoolie", with the same design as before. The text starts as white, then immediately changes to the colors of a faded American flag. A shadow appears behind the text, and the logo shakes a la an old film.

Technique: The lights, the old film effects, and the text animating.

Music/Sounds: A mariachi tune with an announcer saying "Spondoolie!". The announcers vary depending on the episode--for example, the pilot of iZombie features a man with a Mexican accent saying the company name.

Music/Sounds Variant: A slightly shortened version exists, which is sometimes instrumental.

Availability: Seen on iZombie and season 4 of Veronica Mars.

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