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Soup2Nuts was the continuation of Tom Snyder Productions after it was purchased by Scholastic. In 2015, it was announced that the studio would be shut down amid a restructuring of Scholastic.

(November 4, 2001-August 7, 2015)

Logo: On a white/gray background, a metal can can be seen floating about, complete with a circular shadow. The can has a label colored white/grey, with the top part having "SOUP" in black and the bottom part having "NUTS" in white with a black outline. Dividing the 2 parts is a dark grey band with a black circle in the center, outlined and decorated in white as well as having a "2" with a drop shadow in the center. This all makes the name "SOUP2NUTS". Also we see a small black text around the lower right section of the label reading "NET WT 10 oz (366 g)". The can silently bobs around, stretching and tilting slightly as well before suddenly shaking around for a second.


  • In its early years, the logo would be smaller and have the URL "" underneath it. It would be in either a bold Arial font, a wavy hand-written font, or a grungy bold font.
  • The logo would also sometimes be placed in the center.
  • Starting in 2003, the background was changed from white to green.
  • On the Home Movies episode "Politics", the logo hangs around for a bit longer.
  • On the Home Movies episode "The Wedding", the logo and URL are repositioned slightly as Jason comes in, holding a mallet. The can zooms in and he hits it, causing it to shake violently as he gets pushed back from the recoil.
  • On the early Home Movies DVDs, the logo is crudely sketched out first before being filled in with a brush stroke effect. It then shakes like usual before the camera zooms into the black stripe, the label rotating as it does.
  • The can would be reanimated in the later years. The can would zoom in a bit first and shake with less distortion, and the shadow would move as well.
  • Starting in a date sometime in 2014, the logo is now presented in a HD letterbox format, with the can shaking only smoothly. Also, the URL is absent.
  • On the HBO Max prints of Home Movies, due to the closing of the studio, the URL is edited out (sometimes crudely, for example, you can see the URL intact for a frame before being edited on "Psycho-Delicate").

Spoiler Variant: On the Home Movies episode "Broken Dreams", the logo is superimposed over a black background with Coach McGuirk running as a lifeguard. Also, lyrics to "Trust Yourself", the closing theme to the episode, are shown under it.

Technique: The zoom in and shaking of the can.

Music/Sounds: The sound of something rattling inside a plastic container, presumably nuts.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the ending theme of the show may play over, with or without the rattling noise.
  • On the Home Movies episode "The Wedding", a futuristic whoosh is heard underneath a loud gong sound. This sound was a stock sound used in many shows, like Everybody Hates Chris.
  • On the Home Movies episode "Writer's Block", Coach McGuirk is heard saying "DVD player!", followed by the sound of him snoring.
  • On the Home Movies episode "Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion", Mr. Lynch is heard saying "Yes!" (continuing from the credits).
  • On the DVD print of the Home Movies episode "Brendon Gets Rabies", Jason asks Duane "Do you write the music or the lyrics first?".

Availability: Uncommon. First debuted on a rerun of the Home Movies episode "It Was Supposed to Be Funny". It can be seen on S2-4 episodes of Home Movies, WordGirl, O'Grady, AstroBlast!, and several Weston Woods shorts starting in 2009. It also appears on reprints of older Tom Snyder Productions shows, such as the season one DVD of Home Movies. It does not appear on seasons 1-3 of SciGirls, despite the studio being involved.

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