Sony Music and Sony Wonder Warning Screens

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(1986-February 2009)

Warning: On a blue/black gradient background, we see the words "FBI WARNING:" with a red underline, and the generic "$250,000" warning text underneath.


  • On releases from CBS Music Video Enterprises, the red underline is white, a comma is added after "reproduction", and the background is dark blue/indigo gradient.
  • On the 2005 Elmo's Easy as ABC DVD, it's set against a black background. A different font is used, while lacking the underline.
  • On widescreen Classic Media releases, the warning screen was redone in a wider ratio. The original 4:3 image is compressed and plastered slightly off-center on a stretched version of its gradient, with a period in place of the price value's comma and the underline being stretched to the colon.
    • This same variant can also be seen in its usual 4:3 format on certain Classic Media DVDs during the mid-2000s.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on videos released under Sony's music distribution arms, such as Sony Wonder releases. It also shows up on some CBS/Sony/Columbia Music Video VHS releases (such as MTV's products). This was also seen on Genius Products DVDs of the Classic Media library.

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