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This was the production company of Barry Sonnenfeld and Barry Josephson, founded in 1997. After the box office failure of Big Trouble, the two split up. They later individually founded Sonnenfeld Productions and Josephson Entertainment.

(August 4, 1998-April 5, 2002)

Sonnenfeld-Josephson Worldwide Entertainment (1998-2002).png

Logo: We zoom out from a counting-down screen through an empty drive-in theater parking lot with a blue sky above and a tree line far away. Then we keep zooming out to the faces of the company's co-founders shown in the left and right halves of the edge. The countdown screen goes to 2 and switches off, and some paper litter rolls the field, as we zoom out on a white background to see the text "Sonnenfeld", near the top left corner of the scene (now enclosed in a box), "Josephson" at the bottom right edge of the logo, and "worldwide entertainment" below.


  • On movies with this logo, the logo is slowed down and the ending scene is inverted.
  • The early version of this logo has the words "in association with" below.
  • The widescreen TV version has white pillar bars, later blending in with the white background.

Technique: The animated countdown, clouds and paper.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note guitar tune combined with ticking and a sudden beep. The movie version is silent.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Secret Agent Man, the music is played on both standard, low and very low tones depending on each episode, one episode has the first note of the Columbia TriStar Television theme accidentally played on the logo.

Availability: The TV version appeared on Maximum Bob, the 1998 revival of Fantasy Island, Secret Agent Man and the 2001 version of The Tick. The movie version appeared on The Crew and at the end of Big Trouble.

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