So Easy Productions

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Descriptions by
MylesMoss1996 and SuperMax124

Captures by
SubparMario63 and SuperMax124


This is Amy Schumer's vanity card.

1st Logo (April 30, 2013-September 7, 2020)

Logo: We see a picture of Amy Schumer and her sister Kim Caramele looking at us. Kim is holding a strap or a sandwich, and Amy wearing sunglasses and holding a purse. They are sitting on a colored bench behind the animals wall, as if they are at the zoo.

Variant: Sometimes, the image is larger than usual, taking up more of the screen.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Just Amy Schumer saying "So easy", which varies. Sometimes, the end theme plays over.

Availability: Seen on Inside Amy Schumer. Also seen on some of her stand-up specials, plus the first two seasons of Amy Schumer Learns to Cook and the first two episodes of Expecting Amy.

2nd Logo (July 9, 2020)

Logo: We see Amy Schumer herself on a grassy hill with trees in the foreground, standing on a tree-like bench with one leg, wearing a black shirt and her pants halfway down, exposing part of her vagina.

Technique: None.

Music/Sounds: Just Amy Schumer saying "It's so easy!".

Availability: Seen on the third and final episode of Expecting Amy.

3rd Logo (March 18, 2022-)

Logo: We see a photo of a removed uterus (most likely that of Amy herself) wearing sunglasses (much like the 1st logo) on a blue cloth, with stains seen on it. It then gains a mouth as it moves, saying "It's so easy".

Technique: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Just the dialogue, provided by Amy Schumer herself.

Availability: First seen on Life & Beth, and later on Amy Schumer Presents: Parental Advisory and season 5 of Inside Amy Schumer.

Legacy: Some people may be disturbed by this logo due to the subject matter overall. The animation of the mouth is also a decent touch.

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