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NOTE: Due to the fact that SMOSH has produced hundreds of shorts and counting, the music/sounds variations here need to be updated frequently. If you know of a variation that's not listed, please contribute to the page if you're a writer.

Logo descriptions by DatNumber9Tho and TrickyMario7654

Season 2006

Food Battle 2006: The sound of munching while Ian Hecox says "Mmm. Oh yeah, that's... That's very good, it's a very good sandwich." in a fake German accent.

That Damn Neighbor: A fast-paced harmonica tune.

Frankie Roger is James Bond: A guy lousily "mouth guitaring" the James Bond theme. There is no "Shut Up!!!" here.

Season 2007

Three Wishes: A guy with a slurred accent asking "Hey, whatever happened to that "shut up" thing at the beginning of the Smosh videos? I w-". (in reference to how many of the previous videos had the intro completely silent or not having the 'Shut Up!!!" in the logo)

Axe Murderer: The iconic strings from Psycho.

Easy Step: Three guys separately repeating the phrase "Order now!" over and over.

Sparky Goes to a Club: The sound of dogs barking.

Spiderman, Spiderman: Ian hastily singing the Spiderman theme song off-key.

License Test: A guy laughing and snorting up close to the microphone.

April First: Someone playing the piano.

Anthony Gets a Haircut: A guy with a flamboyant accent says "Geez, you guys need to cut your little friggin' emo hippie hair off".

Handshake: The usual "Shut UP!!!" plays before a guy worriedly says "B- But I didn't say anything!".

Hardcore Max: A guy impersonating an old man says "Hey kid, put your helmet on! You don't wanna hurt your little noggin, do ya?".

Food Battle 2007: Pretty much the same as Food Battle 2006 but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah. That's very good. That's very good stick of butter."

Transformers Rap: A guy lousily singing "Transformers! (guitar solo) Robots in-".

Three Guys in a Hotel: The sounds of a small audience cheering and whooping.

Quest for the Scooter: A guy in a dramatic voice saying "Prepaaarrrre... for the most ultimate rave-".

The Assassins: A dramatic theme plays while Ian exclaims "Nooooooooo-".

Male Model: A guy saying "Yo, check this out." before beat boxing catwalk music.

The Haunting: A ghostly wail.

Toy Airplane: Someone making "airplane noises".

Ian's Birthday: Anthony sings "Happy birthday to you-" before Ian shouts "Shut up! That song's copyrighted!".

Santa is Real!: Santa says "Ho ho ho! Merry Christm-".

Season 2008:

Cat Soup: A cat meowing.

Boxman's Girlfriend: A guy says "I love you, Sugar Booger!" while another guy mimicking a girl says "And I love you, Cuddle Butt!".

Left Handed: Ian in a high-pitched voice says "Congratulations!. You have been selected to win two free-".

Cry Baby: The sound of a baby beginning to cry.

Beef 'n Go: Cows mooing.

That D**n Yard Sale: An even faster-paced and more elaborate harmonica tune than the one in That D**n Neighbor.

Batman's Cool Internet Video: Ian and Anthony singing the old Batman theme off-key.

Teleporting Fat Guy: Anthony sounds out the actions in the logo.

Food Battle 2008: Again, pretty much the same as the previous Food Battles, but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's very good. That's very good whale carcass."

Going to the Mountains: A bird chirps while a guy coos "Pretty birdie! Yes you are; you're so pretty!"

Life as Ghosts Ep. 1: The sound of a rainstick can be heard while while Anthony exclaims "Ha-ha! Y-yeah! I love rainsticks!".

Life as Ghosts Ep. 2: Anthony bawls "But how can you break up with me!?! I love you!!!".

Life as Ghosts Ep. 3: Ian in a bad Brooklyn accent says "Hot dog! Get a hot dog here!" while someone else in a slightly effeminate voice says "Oh my god. I really want a hot dog".

Life as Ghosts Ep. 4: Anthony bawls "There's only 4 episodes!?! B-but I thought there was like 20!".

Boxman for President: Ian in a mock Southern accent says "Imma become president! Then I'm gonna go after O-sam-a bin Lay-den!".

Boxman Loses the Election: Yankee Doodle plays while Ian and Anthony sing the first verse off-key.

Sex Ed Rocks: On a black background, a dramatic ethereal theme plays while a dramatic announcer says these words on screen: "In 2005, Smosh was hired to make a sex education music video for their high school. They were told to make it informative and appealing to kids." "When the music video was played for their class, they were immediately expelled from the school and the video was never seen again." (Words are no longer on screen; logo plays) "...Until now!".

Smosh Snatchers: Someone hums "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls before getting cut off by the usual slogan. He responds by shouting "No YOU shut up!".

A Merry Gangsta Christmas: "Deck the Halls" plays while someone "la-la-la"s to the tune.

Season 2009:

Breaking the Habit: Someone in a flamboyant accent says "Oh my god! I gained like 2 pounds over the holidays! I'm so fat!".

Hardcore Max 2: The old guy says "Click it or ticket!" before he farts and says "Oh my god! The Metamucil kicked in!".

Ian's First Girlfriend: Ian with a valley girl accent says "Oh my god! Did you hear about Brittany today?" before Anthony with the same accent says "Oh my god. YES. And she is so fat".

That D**n Prison Break: Banjo music plays before the slogan is played. The banjo music starts up again as Ian in a southern accent responds with "Only if you give me a new Smosh intro." before it switches to the third logo. While it plays he says "Oh holy bajeezus, that, okay, I will shut up then!".

Season 2009:

Unitarded: Someone murmurs "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65.

Anthony's Death: Ian wails "*sniff* I can't believe Anthony's dead!! O-hoh WHYYY!?!".

Anthony's Resurrection: Ian exclaims "Anthony's alive!?! Ohhh yippidy-doodle-da-hoo!!"

Anthony is Mexican: Three guys sing "La Cucaracha" while it plays in the background.

Grammar Police: A police siren passing by.

I Heart Burgers: Someone sings "I like burgers; yes I do! I like burgers; how about yooouuuuu?".

A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays: A Billy Mays impersonator yells "Hi, Billy Mays here, do you want some crap you shouldn't buy?".

A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays: The impersonator says "Hi, Billy Mays here!" again before the "Shut UP!!!". Ian follows up yelling "Please just shut up, Billy Mays, PLEASE!!!".

Washington's First Video Blog: Similar to Sex Ed Rocks but the announcer instead says "In 2006, Smosh was asked to make a video accurately recreating the diary of George Washington, which was thought to be the first blog in history." "When Smosh showed their video to the historians, they were immediately banned from the historical society, and the video was never seen again." (logo plays) "Until now!".

Food Battle 2009: Ian says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good!" before his voice becomes higher pitched and nasal while saying "That's a very good helium!".

The Ultimate Shoedown: Ian pants in an exaggerated fashion while whining "I'm jogging so hard!".

Bigfoot is Gay: Ian and Anthony sing the classic Sesame Street theme song while it plays in the background.

If Movies Were Real: A voice that sounds vaguely like John Travolta says "No! No don't go in that da-oowe! There's a mun-STOW in dere!"

Four Years Foreplay: Another dramatic introduction, but this time the announcer says "In 2005 Smosh was asked to make a video for their high school to show the incoming freshmen what to expect from high school." "When the video was shown to the entire school, Smosh was immediately expelled and the video was never seen again." (logo plays) "Until now!".

Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes I: Ian casually says "Hey, do you guys know where I can find nudes of Edward online? I heard there was- I mean, not that I want to see 'em".

Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes II: Ian imitates Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants asking "Can I say that... shoes from Twilight are dumb?" while a rendition of Sailor's Hornpipe plays in the background.

Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes III: Anthony yells in a nasally voice "Stop making Twilight episodes, I HATE TWILIGHT!".

Mighty Smosh in Power Rangers: Ian and Anthony lousily sing "Go! Go! Power Rangers!" while a cheap keyboard rendition of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song plays in the background.

Pizza Zombies: Ian and Anthony saying "Brains..." over and over, with scary music playing in the background.

X-mas: PORN on Santa's Computer: A bunch of Christmas carolers singing "Deck the hall with boughs of holly, Fa, la, la, la-".

X-mas: Osama's First Christmas: A bunch of Christmas carolers singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas!".

X-mas: Santa Gets Down: A different set of Christmas carolers hum another version of "Deck the Halls".

Best of Smosh 2009: Ian asks "Hey, do I call it 'two thousand and ten' or 'twenty-ten'? I-I just-" while an audience cheers in the background.

Season 2010:

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig: Guinea pig noises.

Ian Gets Lucky: Jackpot noises play while Anthony cheers "Yeah! Woo-hoo! Alright! I win!! I'm the winner!!".

Anthony Gets Engaged: A sped up version of "Here Comes the Bride" plays.

HELP! WE'RE FAT!!!: Ian in a nasally voice says "The following is a call-to-action video and not a real sketch".

Fat Kid Kung Fu!: Ian in an exaggerated voice says "This is for the Healthymagination YouTube Physical Challenge!".

Fat Kid Slide Fail!: Same as Fat Kid Kung Fu! but Ian is less exaggerated.

Riding a Fat Kid!: Same as before but Ian uses another accent.

EDITOR!: Ian in a feminine voice says "My boss is so mean! He won't let me go on Facebook!".

Crazy Fat**s (True Story 1): ~.

Ian is Pregnant!: A baby coos in the background while Ian in a coddling voice says "Awwww, look at da little baby! A-coochie-coochie-coo!".

7 Uses for a $10,000,000 Check: A game show theme plays while Ian in a "game show host" accent says "Congratulations! You have just won a new dishwasher!".

If Video Games Were Real: Ian in a mocking voice says "PS3 is better than Xbox, and Wii is for little girls!".

Smeagol Loves the Precious: ****.

Boxman 2.0: Beatboxing can be heard while Ian raps "The Cat in the Hat got fat in a mat! (gibberish-)".

I love Lou Ferrigno!: A dramatic theme plays while a Hulk impersonator roars "OOOOOOAAAAAA!!! SMAAAAAASSSSH-".

Leave It To Bieber: Anthony in a stereotypical 1940's announcer voice says "I know it's 1957 but why do I have to talk like this?".

Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig 2: Charlie says "'Ey poofs! This intro is really starting to p*** me off!".

5 Ways to Get a Girl: A nerdy voice saying "I could totally get a girlfriend if I actually tried. *snicker*".

LIZARD RABIES!: The sound of a dog barking.

Super Powers!: Ian in a mocking voice says "Batman's not even a real superhero! He just has lots of money!".

My Mom's AMAZING Video!: Ian whines "I'm gonna use Comic Sans font... in everything I write!!".

How Lady Gaga Got Famous:

The Famous Cheese Guy: Ian says "You wanna hear a cheesy joke? Knock knock! Who's there? Cheese! *worried laughter* Yeah".

WTF! I'm Old!: Eurodance music.

Inappropriate Sonic: A keyboard remix of the Greenhill Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog with various sound effects from the game.

Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH: Someone with a bad Hulk Hogan impression says "You're goin' down, brother! Oooohhhh yeeeaaaahhh!!".

Killer Teddy Bear!: Horror movie music.

If Cartoons Were Real: Ian and Anthony sing the Arthur theme song off key ("And I said hey! (Hey!) What a wonderful kind of day!").

Food Battle 2010: Same as usual with these, but Ian says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good. That's very good rock."

FIRETRUCK!: Anthony in a stereotypical black voice saying "The firetruck go 'wooooooooop'! You know what I'm sayin', like 'woo-wooooo-".

2 GUYS 1 BATHROOM: A toilet flushing in a public restroom.

SELLING OUT!?: Ian in a geeky voice saying "You're making a living doing what you love!?! *pfft* I hate you!".

EVIL FORTUNE COOKIE!: Ian in a caveman voice says "Confucius say 'Man who go to sleep with itchy butt-'".

★ My Fanny Pack!★: A punk rock theme plays while Anthony with a feminine accent sings "Yeeaaaahhh! It's all about the 'he-said-she-said' bulls-".

PLAYING WITH GUNS!: Ian in a hillbilly accent says "Ahuehue! I like shootin' guns that go bang bang shootin' the bang bang-".

THE FUTURE SUCKS!: Ian with a Southern accent says "When I grow up, I'm gonna be an astronaut".

That D**n Punishment: A famous fiddle tune that can only be described as "hoedown music".

That D**n Shower: Banjo music.

That D**n Rap Music: Bluegrass music.

If Scary Movies Were Real: Suspenseful music plays while someone's phone rings. He picks it up and answers "Hey man what's up? I'm in a theater. Yeah I can talk".

HALO RUINED MY LIFE! (True Story 2): ~.

EPIC TEENY BATTLE!: Ian says "Don't call them midgets! They're 'teeny' people".

HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES!: Ian says "Hey, wanna hear a spoiler? Snape kills Du-".

Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!: A keyboard remix of the intro song from Pokemon Red/Blue plays.

VADER AND ME!: Darth Vader breathing.

CUTE FURRY KITTENS: A cat meowing with birds chirping in the background.

TRON: Legacy *LEAKED FOOTAGE*: Ian whines "I wish real life was in 3D, just like the movies!".

MY NEW HOT GIRLFRIEND: Ian in a lust-driven voice murmurs "Oh my god, that girl's so hot... *moans*".

Best of 2010 Remix: Ian asks "Is is 'two thousand eleven' or is it 'twenty-eleven'? I just don't waa?-".

Season 2011

HOW TO HIDE A B***R IN PUBLIC!: A guy in a masculine voice says "Hey son, can you help me pitch this tent? *bursts into hysterics*" with forest sounds.

PARANORMAL EASY BAKE OVEN!: A scared voice says "I... am so... freaking scared right now! *whimper*" while dramatic music plays in the background.

  • NEW* Smosh Reality TV Show!: Ian in a valley girl accent says "Oh my god, did you guys hear what happened to Snooki last night? Like, she got, like, punched in the booty?".

I'M NAKED!: Ian in a strange, quivering voice says "I call them my little jelly beans...".

HOT ROBOT SLAVE!: The "Shut UP!!!" soundbite is played in reverse before a rewind effect plays and the slogan is played again normally.

JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY (Never Say Never 2): Ian mocking Justin Bieber via the infamous "water bottle" incident saying "Ow! That didn't feel good! I don't know why she just threw that at me!".

If Kids Shows Were Real: Ian in a mocking voice singing "I Love You" from Barney ("I love you, you love me, we're a happy-").

AMAZING NEW DRINK!: Water being gurgled.

Charlie The Drunk Guinea Pig 3: See Charlie The Drunk Guinea Pig.

Charlie The Drunk Guinea Pig 3.5: Same as Charlie The Drunk Guinea Pig but Charlie interferes saying "I don't make that noise! I don't go 'Weet! Weet! Weet-'!".

WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER!: Anthony mock-singing "Friday" by Rebecca Black ("Fridays, Fridays, gonna get down on FriEEEEEEHHHH!") while it plays in the background.

I KILLED THE TOOTH FAIRY!: A slurred voice says "No, I don't like the dentist! They're sceuuuuryy-".

3D is AWESOME!: Ian whining "3D movies make my eyes hurt! *cries*".

I'M A PIRATE! (True Story 3): ~.

POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!: Ian in a high-pitched, extended voice (like a Jigglypuff) sings "Jigglypuff, Jiggl-".


Runbrella (No. 1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!): Ian says "This the sound I make when I'm running!" before panting exaggeratedly.

If Superheroes Were Real: Ian in a mocking voice says "Superman's weakness is a green rock? *pfft* What an idiot!".

DRIVING ME CRAZY!: Ian in a "punk" voice says "Oh you wanna race?! BRRROOOMMM! BRRROOOMMM! That's my engine! BRRRRROOOOOMMMMMMM!"

REJECTED VIDEOS!: Silence. After two seconds, a quiet voice asks "W-Why is is so quiet?".

HOW TO DUMP YOUR GIRLFRIEND!: Ian in a whiny voice retorts "She did not dump me! It was a mutual breakup, OK?".


POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2!: Ian in a nerdy voice says "Hi there girl. Can I Squirtle on your Jigglypuffs?".

MY BATHROOM SECRET!: Someone in a feminine accent quips "Come on, girls! Let's go to the bathroom and talk about girl stuff!".

IF THE INTERNET WAS REAL: Ian in a mocking voice says "Hey guys, tell me what the frick WTF means?!".

I'M NOT RACIST!!!: Ian says "I'm not racist! I have like... t-two black friends!".

THE HARRY POTTER PILL!: Anthony in a geeky voice says "Hermoine is the hottest babe to ever roam this Eaarrrrtth".

MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET!: Ian impersonating an old man says "Back in my day, bread was five rupees!".

IF MOVIES WERE REAL 2: Ian in a "tough guy" voice says "I need to get buff! MONTAGE TIME!" before a metal riff plays (which was previously heard in IF THE INTERNET WAS REAL! during the YouTube segment).

FOOD BATTLE 2011 ANNOUNCEMENT: Ian whines in a high-pitched voice "When's Food Battle 2011 coming!?! *cries*".

FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS SUCK!: Ian impersonating a 14-year-old gamer says "Errgh, quit camping you stupid noobs!" while an FPS is heard in the background.

BEST TOY EVER!: Ian happily says "Oh my god! Can you get me a toy, pleeeeeease? Please-please-please, pleeaase, please?".

MAKEUP FOR MEN: Ian in a feminine voice says "Uggh! I cannot go outside without makeup!".

STAR FOX TV SHOW!: Buzzing can be heard while Ian replies "Woah! This Rumble Pak makes things a lot more funner!".

HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER: Suspenseful music plays while Ian in a creepy voice says "Red Rum. Reeed Ruuuu-".

BANNED VIDEO: Anthony in an effeminate voice says "*scoff* Ian looks so much better with the bowl haircut".

FOOD BATTLE 2011: Same as usual with these but Ian says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's a very good shard of glass." and proceeds to choke in agony.

THE INTERNET FOR DUMMIES: The Windows XP startup music.

THE DITTO - Movie Trailer: Ian whines "The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie!".

XTREME SLEEPOVER!: Ian impersonating a teenage girl says "Hey girls let's have a slumber party!" A rough voice replies "Can I watch?".

POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 3!: Ian in a nerdy voice says "*grunt* My Pokemans, let me show you them!".

THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS: Suspenseful music plays while a ghostly voice wails.

TEENS IN THE WILD!: Jungle music and animals can be heard while Ian impersonating Steve Irwin shouts "Croikey! Look at the size on that one!".

REAL VOODOO DOLL!: A bored Anthony says "In about one second, you will hear a man say 'shut up'".

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA RAP [MUSIC VIDEO]: "Open Treasure Box" followed by "Get Item 1", both from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time OST.

THE POKEMON MASTER!: The Gameboy startup chime followed by a battle theme from Pokemon Yellow along with a couple sound effects from the game.

MOTION GAMING SUCKS!: The sound of gameplay from Wii Sports 'Tennis' while the announcer declares "15-love!".

I'M POSSESSED!: A midi piano version of The Exorcist theme plays.

MEAT IN YOUR MOUTH [BANNED COMMERCIAL]: A man says "Mmm. Oh. This is so meaty. Mmm ho-".

IF HOLIDAYS WERE REAL: Ian and Anthony sing "Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg!" while a jazz rendition of "Jingle Bells" plays in the background.

BEST OF 2011 REMIX!: A nasal voice says "Oh my god, guys. 2012's the end of the world!".

Season 2012

SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!: Siri says "Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by 'shut up'".

HOW TO BE A COP!: A police siren.

REAL DEATH NOTE!: L's theme from Death Note.

MIME FAIL!: The seagulls from Finding Nemo saying "Mime!" instead of "Mine!". Once the usual slogan plays, a seagull manages to get one more "Mime!" out.

PARENTS SUCK!: Ian in a motherly voice says "Now, now. Don't forget to eat all your vegetables!".

I WAS BRAINWASHED!: A constant "tick-tock" sound plays in the background while Ian in a deep voice says "You are getting very sleepy".

REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES!: Ian in an annoying voice whines "The Twilight Zone sucked! It didn't even have any colooorrrrrrrrr-".

HITCHHIKING DISASTER!: Ian in a high-pitched voice says "Hey guys, check this out! *Echo On* Echo! Echo. echo...".

ATTENTION: Facebook Users: Anthony in a digitally-modified deep voice says "Son, can I pleeease be your Facebook friend? Please-please-plea-".

POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 4!: Ian enthusiastically says "You know what I love about caves? All the Zubats!".

I LOST MY HAIR!: Ian in a "sterilized" voice says "That guy has long hair. I wonder what band he plays in".

HOMELESS MILLIONAIRE!: Ian says "Bald people must be so rich! They don't have to buy shampoo!".

N1PPLES ON YOUTUBE!: Ian whines "Ewww!! You can see his nipples through his shirt! Gross!".

GUYS' GUIDE TO HUGGING GUYS: Ian in a nasal voice says "I like hugging girls. You can feel their b****teses on your chesteses".

IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 2: The game over music from Super Mario Brothers.

STUCK IN A TOILET!: Ian in a deep voice says "There's no way I'm sitting on that toilet without a seat cover! Muueee-".

MANSPIDER!: Ian in a nasal "stoner" voice says "Hey, 'how do I shot web?' *snickers*".

MAGIC KEYBOARD!: A nerdy voice says "Oh yeah!?! Well I can type 75 words-per-minute!".

7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!: Ian in a bored voice says "My name's Stephanie Meyer and I wrote the best love story ever".

I SUCK AT DRAW SOMETHING!: Ian whines "It's too hard to draw this thing. I'm just going to write out the word!".

HOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND: Ian in a feminine voice says "If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it. Duhhhh!".

SMOSH FOUND DEAD: A suspenseful theme.

REJECTED MARIO GAMES: A slightly different rendition of the Castle music from Super Mario Brothers with flame sound effects.

15 HOUR ENERGY!: Ian moans "Please help! I need caffeiiiine! Uggghhh-".

MY MAIL ORDER BRIDE!: A portion of "Here Comes the Bride".

PE**5 CLUB: Ian in a raspy voice whispers "Hey, you wanna hear a secret? *whispers*".

MY NEW EMO HAIR!: Anthony in a feminine accent says "My hair's curly so I need to straighten it!" Ian in the same accent says "My hair's straight so I need to curl it!".

5,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!: A deep voice says "I can count to 5 million! One... two...".

LIFE HACKING!: Ian in a droopy tone says "I wish I could hack myself a girlfriend...".

AWESOME NEW ROBOT!: We hear robotic whirring noises while Ian in a robotic voice says "I AM A ROBOT." in the middle.

STUPID MOVIE SEQUELS: Ian enthusiastically says "Oh man, I can't wait to see Land Before Time XIV!".

WORST ID PHOTO EVER!: Ian in a high-pitched voice says "Alright, kids!. Say cheeeeeeeese!".

Taken 3 - TRAILER: Some one with a "movie trailer announcer" voice says "This summer, prepare for..." while dramatic music plays in the background.

iPhone 5 REVEALED: Anthony: "Siri, will you be my girlfriend?" *ding ding* Siri: "No".

FOOD BATTLE 2012 ANNOUNCEMENT!: Ian whines "Are you guys EVER going to make Food Battle 2012!?!".

THAT'S HOT!: Ian whines "Man, I'm so scared of Freshman Friday.".

DRINK YOUR P!**: Ian imitates Bear Grylls saying "It's cold! I better climb inside this whale carcass!".

BIGGEST ZIT EVER!: A whiny voice says "Come on, let me pop it! Please, please-please-pleeeeease let me pop it!".

PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY: Ian in a "jock" voice says "Eww, bro! Look at her cellulite! Ugghhhhh!!".

BADA** NEW POWER RANGERS: Ian and Anthony making lip-flapping noises.

GAMER GETS TROLL'D!: Ian asks "A troll? Like, the one that lives under a bridge?".

FOOD BATTLE 2012!: Same as usual, but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah. That's good. That's a very good b****t implant."

ULTIMATE ASSASSIN'S CREED 3 SONG [Music Video]: Ian in a high-pitched voice says "Look at that guy's hood! It's sooo biiiiig...".

Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child: Ian imitates Honey Boo Boo saying "I'm six and I'm a beauty queeeeen".

Wii U Sports is Awesome!: Ian in a mocking voice says "It's not for real gamers unless they're shooting and killing!".

My Pet Pikachu: Ian in a deep voice says "You think a yellow rat is cute? Euuuauaaaaghhhh!".

DUBSTEP COMMERCIALS SUCK!: Ian and Anthony attempt to mimic dubstep.

GIRLFRIENDS IN THE WILD: Ian in a feminine voice says "If you truly loved me, you would buy me that!".

IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL: Ian mockingly says "You know what we need more of? Reality shows about stupid people!".

A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 1): Ian whines "Santa Claus is starting to get fat, he should stop eating so many cookies!".

A SMOSHY CHRISTMAS! (Part 2): Ian and Anthony sing "Deck my b***s with jars of jelly! Fa-la-la-laaaa-" to the tune of "Deck the Halls".

Best of 2012 REMIX: Ian in a cowboy accent shouts "Woo! 2013!". A creepy voice responds "I like teens...".

Season 2013

DISNEY STAR WARS: Ian with a slurred accent says "I'm George Lucas, and I'm a god".

MY BOBBLEHEAD IS EVIL!: Anthony: "Do you have any ideas for what we can say here?" Ian: "Nope".

HOLY CRAP! 2 BILLION VIEWS!: A slurred voice asks "Smosh? What's a Smosh?".

WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO!: An arrogant voice says "A plumber is saving the world, that's so dumb, you know what I'm sayin'!?!".

THAT D**N MOVIE!: A nasal voice says "D**n is not a bad word." while a slurred voice replies "Yes it is!" "No it's not!" "Yes it i-!".

DRIVER'S ED CRAP RAP!: Anthony says "Puka shell necklaces will ALWAYS be cool".

MOST VIOLENT GAME EVER!?: Ian: "All video games are violent!" Anthony: "What about Paperboy?".

MY STUPID DYING GRANDPA!: Ian in an old man voice says "You d**n kids got no respect for your elders!".

S**TING GONE WRONG!: The classic "Marimba" ringtone heard on older iOS's.

LIFE BETTER-ERS!: A deep voice says "You know what makes me feel better? Smooth jazz" while said jazz plays in the background.

BANNED AIRPLANE SAFETY VIDEO: Ian in a "dumb" voice asks "I wonder if planes ever get speeding tickets?".

ZELDA IN REAL LIFE!: Ian makes a poor attempt at humming the overworld theme from The Legend of Zelda.

WORST ONLINE DATE EVER: A slurred voice says "I like online dating because I can do it without my pants on".

GAS BUSTER!: Someone says "Hey, you wanna hear me beatbox?" before he starts spitting in a poor attempt to beatbox.

IF MOVIES WERE REAL 3: Ian says "Hey, let's bring our kids to a rated-R movie so they can cry and scream the whole time!".

GOOGLE GLASS SUCKS!: Anthony in a deep voice says "I love having technology strapped to my face".


WORST PROPOSALS EVER: A slurred Ian asks "If gay marriage is legalized, can I marry my gay cat?".

AMAZING NEW WORKOUT: Anthony in a feminine voice says "I just wanna lose a few pounds so I can fit into my old pants from 2nd grade!".

Good VS Surprisingly Good: An action-packed theme plays while a malevolent voice says "Goooooood. Goooooooooood".

DIXON CIDER (Official Music Video): Anthony asks "Hey, do you guys wanna hear a punny joke?".

WE'RE STUCK TOGETHER!!!: Ian whines "I wish I had a twin so that I can punch myself in the face!".

What Guys Are Really Thinking: A fly buzzing followed by Ian in a feminine voice shrieking "Oh my god, is that a fly!?! Get it off the screen!!". A fly is seen slowly gliding across the upper-left hand corner of the logo.

STOP COPYING ME!: Ian tiredly says "Like this comment if you're leaning on your left hand".

MY FRIEND'S HOT SISTER: Anthony says in a deep voice "D**n, that girl is hot! Oh GOD, that's my sister".

JAPANESE TITANIC: Anthony says "My nipples are hard. And... I have icicles coming out of my nose".

WE NEED FRIENDS: Someone trying to sing "All By Myself" by Céline Dion but failing miserably.

MAGIC WIPES: After two seconds of silence, a gruff voice says "As Seen on TV!".

I BROKE MY FOOT!: Anthony asks "Hey, can you sign the cast I have on my finger?".

THE RAREST POKEMON CARD!: Anthony asks "What's the difference between a garage sale and a yard sale?".

WE RULE HIGH SCHOOL: Ian in a nerdy voice asks "Ugh! Is Freshman Friday real?".

I HAVE KIRBY POWERS!: Ian in a gruff voice says "I don't play games with pink things! Eeuuugh, that's gross!".

R****DED CATS: THE MOVIE: Cats meowing.

I HAVE A SECRET SON: Anthony says "You are not the father!" followed by applause.

HOW TO SURVIVE A BURGLARY: The sounds of a toy police car's siren.

SO MANY HICKEYS!: Ian slurping "Mmmm. I love making out! *various slurping noises*".

OUR GENERATION IS F***ED: The Movie: Anthony in a valley girl accent says "I can't even go, like, an hour without my iPhone?".

SCRIBBLENAUTS IN REAL LIFE: Anthony says "You can write any word and it'll appear? Woah-hohohohohohohohohoooooooo!".

MY TWERKING ADDICTION: Ian effeminately says "Hey boys, wanna hear me twerk? *clapping* Yeah".

NEW POKEMON CROSSOVERS!: Anthony in a nasal voice asks "Pokemon? Isn't that game for little kids?".

STOP MILEY: Anthony effeminately asks "OMG, have you seen what Miley did today?".

ASSASSIN'S CREED 4 ROCK ANTHEM: Ian in a dopey voice says "Hey, what's a pirate's favorite letter? AAAAARRRRrrrrr!! Duh-huh! Get it?".

22 CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist): Anthony in an automated voice says "You now have six seconds to be funny." Ian responds shouting "Wait, what!?!".

FOOD BATTLE 2013: Same as usual, but Ian says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good. That's a very good-" and gets cut off by the usual slogan before he has a chance to finish his line. He responds saying "But I didn't even say what I was eating!".

Loki Interview PRANK: Anthony asks "Are you up all night to get 'Loki'?".

WE FOUND A DEAD GUY!: Anthony in a feminine voice says "Ew. Smells like someone died in here".

LONGEST STARING CONTEST EVER: A nasal voice says "You know what's awesome? Playing Christmas music in November!".

MY MUTANT RASH!: A dopey voice asks "Is it weird if my rash tastes like peanut butter?".

SMOSH VS ZOMBIES: Similar to Pizza Zombies, but without the music.

THE END OF CHRISTMAS (Part 1): Anthony whines "Another Christmas episode, what about Hanukkah?".

THE END OF CHRISTMAS (Part 2): Ian whines "Another Christmas episode!?! Why not Kwanzaa?".

Best of 2013 REMIX: An obnoxious voice says "My favorite thing about 2013 was the song about that fox.".

Season 2014

H***Y CELLMATE (Smosh Libs): Ian in a nasal voice says "A blank man touches the blank with his blank. *snicker* (Audience stops) I bet it's his p***s".

M*****ER MOON: The iOS send and receive text sounds repeated three times.

GUY'S GUIDE TO BEING MANLY: Ian in a tough guy voice says "'Ey bro, you wanna see me flex my butt muscles? *strains*".

MOVIES VS REALITY: Ian in a feminine voice says "I wish you were romantic like all the guys in the movie!".

PIMPS OF PROM (MUSIC VIDEO): Anthony in a whiny voice says "Aw man, why's twerking gotta be banned at prom?".

JURASSIC POKEMON: Dinosaurs roaring.

HIDE AND SEEK: Anthony with a noticeable voice crack says "Ready or not, here I come!".

TAYLOR SWIFT DUMPED ME: Anthony says "Here's my new love song I wrote." before lousily singing "I LOVE YOU!. YOU ARE SO PRETTY!.".

FLAPPY BIRD RUINED MY LIFE: Someone says "Yeah, I play cellphone games 'cause I'm hardcore".

CREEPY WEIRD NUDIST (Smosh Libs): Ian says "Her blank touched my blank. I think it felt blank".

POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 5!: A ritual chant plays in the background while Ian says "Let us consult the infinite wisdom of... the Helix fossil! Ooooooooooooooo-".

A REAL OUIJA BOARD?: Anthony in a professional voice says "Your word is: 'Ouija Board'". Ian responds saying "W" *buzzer* "It's spelled like that? What!?!".

Emma Watson Surprise PRANK: Anthony says "I watched 'Perks of a Wallflower' just 'cause she's in it" while Ian and Emma chuckle a bit in the background. (The actual title of the film is Perks of Being a Wallflower)

IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 3: Pacman's constant "waka-waka" sound.

HOW TO BE A YOUTUBE COMMENTER: Ian in a laid-back voice says "Woah. The like button makes a sound when you click it".

THE ADVENTURE TIME ADVENTURE: Ian in a "Kermit" voice says "Aww man! I wish my dog could shapeshift and talk!".

MOVIE REBOOTS SUCK: Anthony in a whiny voice asks "Does Iron Man have, like, metal p**es?".

REAL MARIO LAVA FLOOR!: The music that plays when a player loses a life in Super Mario World.

THE REAL PARTY SONG: Ian attempts to beatbox catwalk music. 19 MORE CRAZY VINES (That Don't Exist): Ian asks "Why do they call it Vine? Why not '6-second YouTube'?".

REAL WATCH DOGS HACKS! (w/ Rob Dyrdek): Ian in a mocking voice says "Your phone can hack? Mine can only take d**k pics!" *snap*.

WE'RE STUCK IN SLOW MOTION: After two seconds of silence, Ian in a slo-mo voice says "Ohh, I'mm taalllkiiinnng inn sloooowwwww mooooootttiiiiioooooooonnnnnn...".

ADDICTED TO SELFIES: After two seconds of silence, Anthony in a valley girl voice says "But first, lemme take a selfie!".

IF APPS WERE REAL: An "old man" voice asks "Grandson! What's a 'push notification'?".

NAME RAP OR DIE: A ticking sound similar to the one heard on 60 Minutes.

I CAN HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS: A "stoned" voice asks "Hey, do deaf people hear their own thoughts?".

ANIME VOICE SWAP: Someone mocking an anime girl says "I sound like a 14-year-old but my b**bs are huge!" *giggles*.

MY BATHROOM DISASTER: Ian in a deep voice says "I've never taken a nap in a restroom".

MY MORNING ROUTINE: An alarm clock beeping.

The Rock Interview PRANK: Ian asks "When you were a kid, were you known as 'the Pebble'?".

REAL MINECRAFT VACATION: Anthony in an "old man" voice says "Ehh. These graphics are worse than my Atari 2600!".


IF BIEBER WROTE HIS SONGS: Anthony impersonates Justin Bieber (as seen in the video) saying "I think that I was detrimental to my own career".

IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL: (Canned laughter).

AUTOCORRECT FAIL: The sounds of someone typing on an iOS keyboard.

IPHONE 6 REVEALED: Siri asks "Why doesn't anyone use me anymore?".

MOVIES ON DRUGS: Anthony with a flamboyant accent says "I need to get drunk so I can do something completely reprehensible then blame it on being drunk".

CONJOINED CHALLANGE: Ian in a dopey voice says "Hoh-hohhh! Twins are so hot!".

F**K SPOILERS!: Anthony says "Spoiler alert!" and whispers "The Titanic sinks at the end".

FOOD BATTLE 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT!: Ian in his mock-German accent asks "Oh my gorsh! It's October; where's the food battles!?!".

YOUR DUMB. IM DUMBER (Music Video): Ian in a mocking voice asks "So you're saying there's a chance!?!".

THIS VIDEO IS OFFENSIVE: Anthony in a deep voice says "I love leaving negative comments. It makes me feel goooood".

BACKWARDS CHALLENGE: Anthony in a nasal voice says "You just played this backwards. Congratulations!" in reverse.

GUNS SUCK: A nerdy voice says "Yeaaaahh! Die, die, diiiieeeee!!" while rapidly shooting.

THE NEW SLENDERMAN: We hear a woman panting along with the cruching of footsteps and some dramatic pounds.

6 WAYS TO GET A GIRL: Ian in a jock voice says "Bro, I'm such a pick up master!".

9 MOST HORRIBLE BOSSES: Office chatter and a phone ringing.

ULTIMATE FAN SURPRISE PRANK - (Prank it FWD): Jordanna says "My friends are gonna be so jealous" before Anthony and Ian laugh.

FOOD BATTLE 2014!: Same as usual, but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good. That's a very good Kardashian butt."

TOP 10 VIDEO GAME DANCES: A crowd cheering.

MAGIC iPOD: Ian in an "old man" voice says "Dial-up internet's fine! I downloaded a whole song in just 5 hours!".

JUST LIKE LINK: Ian impersonates Link's voice mannerisms.

CHRISTMAS APOCALYPSE (Part 1): Ian in a dopey voice says "I love it when they start playing Christmas music in October".

CHRISTMAS APOCALYPSE (Part 2): Anthony whines "I'm scared I won't get any gifts this year 'cause Santa's too fat to fit in my chimney.".

Season 2015

BEST OF 2014 REMIX: Anthony in an "announcer" voice says "2015? You mean the year Marty McFly goes to in Back to the Future!?!".

IF GUYS HAD GIRL PROBLEMS: Anthony in an "informative" voice says "The first thing 99% of guys would do if they woke up as a woman would be fondle their b**bs".

SMASH RAP: A nasal voice says "Smash Bros Melee is the only real Smash Bros!".

TIME TRAVELING PICKUP MASTER: A "surfer" voice says "If I could time travel, I'd totally go go back in time to eat my lunch again".

MURDER PARTY: Anthony in a nasal voice says "I know, the butler did it!".

THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE: Ian in a girly voice says "If you don't repost this really fake story 5 times, you're going to die in 1 minute!".

IF ROMANTIC MOVIES WERE REAL: Ian says "I love you!" to which an effeminate Anthony replies "Well, I love you more!" "Nuh-uh! I love you times infinity!".

THE TRUTH BEHIND EMOJIS: Ian in a girly voice asks "How come there aren't any emojis of hot Emo boys making out?".

VIDEO GAME ITEMS IN REAL LIFE: Anthony is a dopey voice says "Yeah but did you hear that Sega Genesis has blast processing?".

MY HOT ONLINE GIRLFRIEND: The old default Skype ringtone.

APPLE WATCH SUCKS: Same as M*****ER MOON but there are no send sounds and a ticking noise is heard in the background.

WORST PARENTS EVER: Ian in a grizzly voice says "Wah wah. I'm a baby. I do baby things".

SEX TURBAN: Ian in a "valley girl" voice says "Cultural appropriation is super serious!".

ULTIMATE HIGH SCHOOL PRANK: Danielle Bulkey says "I e-mailed them and I didn't think they would reply-y-y" before Anthony and Ian laugh.


WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO BROS 2: Ian whines "Why isn't Bowser in this game!?!".

LEAKED Legend Of Zelda NETFLIX TRAILER: Ian in a nasal voice says "This is gonna be as good as the Mario Bros. Movie!".

Avengers: Age of Ultron LEAKED FOOTAGE: A nerdy voice says "The Justice League is far superior to the Avengers!".

ANTHONY IS DATING A FAN: Ian in a stunted voice says "Myyyy voooiiiice sooouunds aallll weeeiiirrd iin aa faaaaaaaaaannn" while a fan is heard in the background.

THE MOTHER'S DAY RULE: Ian's mom says "Make sure you eat all your vegetables".

MAGIC IPAD: Ian in a nasal voice says "Don't you know that Android tablets are way cheaper than iPads?".

IF BOARD GAMES WERE REAL: Anthony in an effeminate voice says "Monopoly is so much fun! I love wasting 6 hours of my life!".

CHRIS PRATT INTERVIEW PRANK: Chris Pratt says "Jurassic... Parks & Rec".

THE NEW ANT MAN: Ian and Anthony sing the first quarter verse of "The Ants Go Marching".

BATMAN'S A B***H: Ian asks "If Batman plays baseball, do you think he bats with a 'Batbat'?".

GODS IN REAL LIFE: Anthony in a ditzy voice says "OMG!" before Ian in a zealous voice says "Hey! Don't say the Lord's name in vain!".

SEXUAL SUN: Anthony says "Have fun in the sun, get laid in the shade! Heh-hehhhh!".

CAMP IN A VAN: Ian and Anthony "do-do" a song.


OLD PEOPLE MOVIE PRANK: An old woman says "It's as raunchy as some of the other movies that are out now".

THE WIENER SONG (AUTOTUNE): Ian's autotuned voice says "Myyy vo-o-oice is au-to-tu-u-uned!".

WHO THE F**K IS THAT GUY?!: Ian in a nerdy voice tries to sing the first few lines of "My Name Is" by Eminem.

6 PEOPLE 1 DONUT: Ian in a nasal voice says "Hey! 'Donut' touch my donut!".

TOM CRUISE IS MY ROOMMATE: Shayne Topp impersonating Tom Cruise says "I got the need. The need for s-".

WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO BROS 3!: Ian asks "Is is pronounced 'ta-nooki' or 'ti-nooki' or (gibberish)".

FINGER GUNS: A voice that sounds similar to Popeye says "I got a gun! Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang! Bang-bang!".

IF THE INTERNET WERE REAL 2: Dial-up sounds.

EPIC TRAILER GONE WRONG: Anthony in a "trailer" voice says "Trailer voices are soooooo epiiic".

MOVIE TRANSLATION FAILS: Courtney Miller speaks Japanese.

IF KANYE WERE PRESIDENT: Keith Leak impersonates Kanye West saying "Imma let you finish, but Beyonce have to-".

HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND: Ian in a mocking voice says "I have a girlfriend! She just goes to a different school!".

THE BAD PARTS OF HEAVEN: Ian asks "In heaven, can I still get wasted on the weekends?".

YELP FOR PEOPLE!: Ian in a mock-country accent says "The waiter didn't smile at me when she gave me food! 1 star!".

IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 4: Anthony in a nerdy voice says "Another mobile game!?! Ugh! Stupid casuals!".

MONTAGE MACHINE: Ian quickly says "Montage is defined as the process or technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together s-".

1985 vs 2015: Ian in an old-timey voice asks "1985? Isn't that like a hundred years ago?".

JENNIFER LAWRENCE PRANKS SMOSH (#PrankItFWD): Ian says "Well this is why you won an Oscar and I didn't" before Jennifer and Anthony laugh.

EVERY SMOSH VIDEO EVER: Ian in a mocking voice says "It's been 10 years, when are they gonna get rid of this stupid 'Shut Up' thing?".

DOLLS: 10 YEARS LATER: Ian in a weird voice says "If Smosh was a baby, it'd be in 4th grade by now".

THANK YOU FOR 10 YEARS!: Ian and Anthony sing "10 years of Smooooosshh!".

FOOD BATTLE X: Same as usual, but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good! That's a very good 10th year!" without munching sounds.

F**KED UP CHRISTMAS MOVIES: Ian in a nasal voice asks "Why are we celebrating Christmas in November?".

NETFLIX RAP: Ian whines "I miss Blockbuster Videoooo".

21 THINGS I'D RATHER DO THAN SMOKE: Ian in a nerdy voice says "A high school video project? I looove those!".

NAKED AND AFRAID: Ian in an effeminate voice says "I'm not naked! I'm nuuude".

A MERRY MINECRAFT CHRISTMAS!: Ian in a nasal voice says "Cows go moo! Reindeers go 'eh-eh-- EEEEHHHRRHHH!".

Season 2016

BEST OF 2015 REMIX: Anthony says "2016, AKA the year Ian hopefully cuts off his bowl haircut". Ian responds shouting "Never!".

D****E BOARD COMMERCIAL: The sound of a Hover Board rolling on a windy day.

IF TV SHOWS WERE REAL 3: Ian whines "Reality TV is still real to me, d****t!!".

ADDICTED TO PRANKING (GONE SEXUAL): A whiny voice says "It's not a prank; it's a social experiment".

IF ADULTS ACTED LIKE CHILDREN: A whiny voice says "Neenur, neenur, neeeeenuuuuuurrr!".

DRAKE-A-WISH: Keith Leak plays Drake saying "I'm Drake and I approve this message. YOLO".

IF REALITY SHOWS WERE REAL: Anthony in an effeminate voice says "My favorite part was when the attractive drunk people yelled at each other".

CLIMATE CONTROL ISN'T REAL: Ian in a ditzy voice asks "If there's air conditioning, is there such a thing as 'air shampooing'?".

ADULT MAGIC SCHOOL BUS: Ian as Ms. Frizzle says "Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!".

WORLD'S SMALLEST HOUSE: Ian as the narrator from House Hunters says "Big things come in small packages".

KEEPING UP WITH THE MORE KARDASHIANS: Anthony in an easily-impressed voice says "Oh my god, did you guys hear that Kim posted another naked picture of herself? Woooooow-".

HUMAN POKÉMON BATTLE (POKÉMEN): Anthony in a dopey voice asks "Is it 'pokee-mon', 'po-kehmon', or 'poh-keh-mon'?".

GRASS WHEEL (Hippie Grass Car): Ian in a laid-back voice says "Oh, I'm saving the environment. I drive a hybrid".

SURPRISE FAN PRANK - #PrankItFWD: Noah Grossman asks "Are you okay if I tenderize your meats?".

IF TEENS RULED THE WORLD: Anthony with his voice cracking and constantly shifting says "I'm a teenager, why is my voice so weird?".

MY BEST FRIEND IS A ROBOT: Ian in a "redneck" voice says "Those d**n robots takin' my jibe!".

KISS CURRENCY: Ian in a mocking voice says "Yeah I've kissed a girl before. She just... goes to a different school".

WORST ARMY EVER: The first few seconds of a flute rendition of "Green Sleeves".

SUPER VIRGIN SQUAD: A dopey voice says "What's so super about being a virgin? I'm a virgin and I don't even try!".


LIE DETECTOR: Anthony in a slightly preppy voice says "Ugh. There are, like, no superhero movies coming out in the next few years".

ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE w/ My Mom: Ian's mom says "Better late would be nice" before Ian and Anthony laugh.

BACKWARDS CURSE WORDS: Ian gruffly says "Aww mother FUUUU-".

CHIPS GHOST: Ian in a dim voice says "So is it 'chips ghost' 'cause his name is Chip orrrr...".

ONE LETTER OFF SUPERHEROES: Ian in a deep voice says "Oh, you don't even know what happens to that superhero 'cause you don't read the comics".

EMO HAIR: Someone says "Hi, I'm a commenter. I want your emo hair back".

BATMAN'S A B***H RETURNS: Ian says "Batman v. Superman was a masterpiece of a movie!".

D**K PIC CURSE: An iOS camera flash sound followed by phone buzzing and a notification sound.

IF DISNEY PRINCESSES WERE REAL: A female with a "princess" voice says "I want a prince who's perfect in every way!".

OFFICE FIGHT: A "valley-girl" voice says "I love meetings because of the awkward eye contact".

VIDEO GAME ITEMS IN REAL LIFE 2: A few "move cursor" sounds followed by an equip sound (all from FFVI).

BREAKING NEWS: BRAD IS MISSING: Ian says "Up next: more news about Donald Trump!".

WE'RE IN SUPER MARIO MAKER!: Ian in a nasal voice says "Mario Teaches Typing is my favorite Mario game!".

GHOSTS VS HUMANS: Ian in a nasal voice says "Is it pronounced 'ghost' or 'guh-host'?".

SMOSH LIVE: The opening theme to the show. There is no "Shut UP!!!".

BATMAN SUCKS FOREVER: Ian in a high-pitched voice says "My favorite Batman is the one that wears black!".

PHONE NICKNAMES HURT: A phone vibrating.

WORST HEIST EVER: Gunshots, a police car siren, and some distant car revving noises.

I HAVE A MICROP***S: Ian says "Ump-, well I'm just a grower, not a show-er".

IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL 5: Revving sounds and an audience cheering soon followed by a jingle and a woman saying "Checkpont!" (obviously taken from a racing game).

1976 vs 2016: Ian in a deep voice says "These bell bottoms are a great investment; they'll never grow out of style!".

ASTRONAUT GOOGLE SEARCH FAIL: Anthony in a soft voice says "Are you an astronaut? 'Cause you are out of this world".

IF MOVIES WERE REAL 4: Ian asks "Hey, who wants to read my edgy tweets about the Marvel universe?".

HOW TO MAKE EASY MONEY: Ian in a "hillbilly" voice says "Look at me! I made a YouTube movie!".

MAN TRAPPED IN ROOM FOR 20 YEARS: A nice bubble-pop tune.

HOW TO BE AN AWESOME HACKER: The sound of someone typing while Anthony in a whispering voice says "This the sound of a super elite hacker...".

BUSINESS BOY EMOJI CURSE: Anthony asks "What does 'emoji' mean?". Ian responds with "Emo Jesus!".

GUYS GUIDE TO FOOTBALL: Someone with a "New York" voice says "Aw, c'mon ref! What kinda call was thaaaaaaaaaat?".

MASTERCHEF MILLENNIALS: Ian in a nasal and relieved voice says "This is the sound of me rubbing my knives... (moaning)" while two knives are heard scraping against each other.

NAVAL CANNON: The sounds of a cannon firing and splashing.

LAW AND ORDER: ZOMBIE COP DIVISION (ZCD): Ian attempting to "mouth guitar" the theme song to Law and Order while actually saying "Law and Order" halfway through.

this had to happen: Multiple voices asking "Where's Food Battle!?!" and overlapping.

FOOD BATTLE 2016: Same as usual, but he says "Mmm! Oh yeah, that's good! That's a very good Christmas tree!" without munching sounds, the same as last year's Food Battle.

Season 2017

BEST OF 2016 REMIX: Ian says "2016 sure was great guys, right? Right?".

THE F**KBOY SONG: iOS keyboard tapping is heard while Ian in a jock voice says "Yeah, this tweet's gonna make me look so good".

HORRIBLE PRANK RUINS MAN'S LIFE: Ian in a nasal voice asks "Prank videos are still cool on YouTube, right?".

IF PEOPLE WERE CARS: Ian and Anthony imitate cars beeping and crashing.

SOCIAL MEDIA DIVORCE COURT: Anthony in a gruff voice says "Order in the court!". Ian with an aggressive tone shouts "Objection!" "Sustained!" "Overruled!".

ONE LETTER OFF TV SHOWS: Anthony says "It came out yesterday. How have you not seen all 34 episodes?".

TOTALLY ACCURATE WRESTLING MATCH: Anthony in a squeaky voice says "Wresting isn't fake! It's real!".

iPhone 8C ANNOUNCEMENT: Siri says "I'm seriously considering switching to Android".

IF APPS WERE REAL 2: Ian in a nerdy voice says "Have you guys played Mobile Strike? Arnold said it was good!".

1997 VS 2017: Ian in a laid-back voice says "Oh that's tight! I'm gettin' jiggy with it!".

AM I A BAD BOYFRIEND?: Siri says "Sorry, I didn't get that". Alexa responds with "Sorry, I didn't catch that". Another male TTS voice responds saying "I'm sorry, I don't understand".

MOVIES ON DRUGS 2: Ian in a dopey voice says "Alcohol's not a drug! It's legal!".

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