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Lizzie The Ford Model T 1920 productions

(31 March 2011)

Logo: The logo starts with a shot of the full moon on a cloudy setting with bats flying across the sky. The camera pans down to reveal a rocky path leading to a gloomy graveyard. The graveyard entrance opens as the camera then travels through the graveyard, mainly comprised of sentient trees with hands acting as tree branches, hands popping out of the ground, and a bunch of white mist. The pathway ends at a dark temple where we can also see a skeleton rising from the underground, screaming. The inside of the temple mainly consists of a tomb which is then covered by what appears to be black tar. During this, the camera rapidly pans towards the top of the tomb, as a skeleton hand wipes off a fragment of the tar covering the tomb, revealing the company's name in a white, glowy style. The camera then zooms in towards the text, as we then transition to a segment where we rapidly zoom by a bunch of black dust against a white background, leading to the company's name in the same format, just with "SLAUGHTER" in red and moving black smoke within it. "A" and "Film" appear on the top and bottom sides of the company name respectively.

Technique: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Firstly, a crow cawing with sounds of thunder during the moon sequence. During the graveyard up until the tomb sequence, a heavy metal theme with sounds corresponding to the actions happening in the logo (such as a splattering sound when the hand pops out of the ground, a distorted moan when the skeleton screams, and the sound of the doors opening), accompanied by even more sounds of thunder. It ends with a woman laughing/whimpering.

Availability: So far known to appear on Come and Get Me.

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