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Skydance Animation is the animation division of the American production company Skydance Media which is based in Santa Monica, California. It was founded on March 16, 2017 when the company formed a multi-year partnership with Madrid-based animation studio Ilion Animation Studio. In 2020, Skydance Media acquired it and rebranded it to Skydance Animation Madrid. It currently has a multi-year film and television deal with Apple TV+.

(October 1, 2021-)

Logo: On a space background, we see a green, grassy planet with paths in it. A rocket and a UFO, with blue and pink trails, respectively, launch out of the planet, forming an atom-like pattern. From there, it cuts to different shots of the rocket and UFO flying. In the final shot, the UFO and rocket split and form a "T" trail. The UFO flies through the text "SKYDANCE", in the same font as the 2020 Skydance logo, and turns it silver from spinning around. The rocket draws a curved underline to the company's name, then the text "ANIMATION" (in Hurme Geometric Sans 2 Regular font) fades in underneath.


  • The rocket, UFO and the planet are from the short film Blush.
  • The logo was designed and animated by former Pixar and Disney Animation CEO, John Lasseter.


  • A shortened version of this logo exists, where it simply shows "ANIMATION" fading in below "SKYDANCE".
  • A prototype version was seen on Blush, where the logo simply fades in, is smaller, cut to its last seconds, and the blue trail and the rocket do not appear, but instead, a subtle, but faint gold light can be seen. Also, there are fewer stars in the background.

Technique: CGI done by Skydance Animation Madrid.


  • A majestic calm horn fanfare (composed by Joy Ngiaw), and there are whoosh and sparkly fairy-dust sounds in this logo. There is a Behind the Scenes video that she posted on her YouTube channel, which you can see here. This can also be heard without sound effects on her website, as "Skydance Animation Studio Logo", here.
  • On Blush and Bad Luck Spot!, the opening ambience is heard.

Music/Sounds Trivia: The music was adopted from the soundtrack from Blush.

Availability: Current. First seen on Blush as a prototype. It appeared on the trailer of Luck and the full version appeared on said film.

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